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  1. Three new Telecasters which are all 'Butterscotch' but very different. I guess colour inconsistency is just a Fender thing... youtube.com/watch?v=QH1J-5reHco
  2. It really is amazing that 'the worlds largest guitar manufacturer' can have such inconsistencies between different lines of guitar. You would expect a Sonic Blue Strat to be the same as a Sonic blue Mustang, or Telecaster... but it's just not the case. I guess if anything, it gives their guitars more character. It does make me wonder if at some point someone accidentally used the wrong paint, which is why they have created this new 'Satin Sonic Blue' colour as an excuse to cover up an old mistake
  3. Thanks Al(ex) I'm aware how lighting can effect colours - it's my job. I've included a correctly balanced photo taken with a colour chart for accuracy. It also includes some references. I know these references are not to be trusted! But they are a starting point. My intrigue with the colour of Jag-Stangs is more about why Fender sold these guitars as Sonic Blue, when it bares little resemblance to other Fender guitars which are Sonic Blue. I have seen some photos of Jag-Stangs looking a lot more blue, so I wonder if those photos are just incorrectly balanced, or if there was colour variance in different batches of the guitar. I don't think my guitar is the 'wrong colour'. It fits Kurt's original request for 'Aqua green/blue like old mustangs'. However, it is nothing like any other 'Sonic Blue' Fender I have seen
  4. I know this post is some time ago, so I hope your Mustang is still good... over oiling can cause the wood to simply become wet and root. Be cautious
  5. Hello, I wanted to know about the colour of your 'Sonic Blue' Jag-Stang. Mine is original CIJ 1997 'Sonic Blue'... but it is positively green and always has been. Looking at charts online I would say it fits the Fender 'Surf Green' colour. Is anyone else's like this?
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