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  1. As the title suggests, i'm looking to replace the current stock pickups in a Mustang. I've decided to go with Lace. I'm also open to other suggestions, as i'm not 100% sold on them but they are my first option. I was also considering Fralin hot vintages, Lollar Dirty Blondes, maybe Dimarzio area series. But for right now i've decided on Lace.

    Right now im considering a gold sensor in the neck and blue in the bridge. The gold sensors capture that vintage strat sound at around 5.8k output. The Blue sensor supposedly can emulate a vintage humbucker sound with an increased output at around 12.8k..

    Obviously i'd like to have a higher output on the bridge than the neck, and for the tone I want to capture I would prefer to have two "vintagey" sounding single coils, they say on Lace website the blue kind of mocks a humbucker tone, but it is theoretically still a single coil. i'd kind of like to find something close to a Jerry tone or John Mayor in Dead and Company vibe through the pickups, obviously my pedals and amp will have something to do with it as well, but i'd like to try and get closer with my pickup choices.. I play an eclectic style, groovy rock, some progressive blues, a little funk and hints of country/bluegrass with low gain and transparent overdrive, some delay, reverb, use of envelope filter and octave pedal. What do you guys think?

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