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  1. I was just on the site for Mastery Bridges and I saw under the "artists" section Dave Grohl was listed. Any of you have any idea what guitar he uses that on? I thought he uses mainly Gibsons with TOM bridges and the Dan Armstrongs sometimes. I just thought it was sorta weird he was listed as using that with his style of guitars.
  2. Man, I just put this in my Strat like you reccomended. Wow, exactly the sound I was looking for. It is the first DiMarzio I have ever used. After using SD's exclusively for the past 15 years I am kicking myself for not using one of these before. Thanks for the suggestion. Just sounds amazing.
  3. I guess thats why there are so many options, everyone has their own style and likes and dislikes. I value your opinion, but it is certinaly not any standard to live by. Some people like ceramic, some dont't that's why they make them. You don't have to act like you are all high and mighty and I am a bum because you prefer Alnico's. My question wasn't to compare ceramic and alnico.
  4. I am trying to get a Seymour Duncan Distortion sound out of a single coil size strat mini humbucker. I have had hotrails in my 96 usa strat for around 12 years. I like them for distortion, but as we all know they sorta are a bit harsh for clean sounds. I have recently fallen in love with the SD distortion for clean and distortion. Is there a similar replacement in mini humbucker size by any company? Duncan? Dimarzio? Neither, i don't care, any company. I just dont want to cut my pickguard or have to rout it for a full humbucker. I have frankly began to dislike the hotrails overall since i tried the distortion. HELP!!
  5. Man, as much as I hate to I think I am gonna sell a kidney and get a Mastery bridge. It really hurts to pay almost half as much as I paid for the guitar for a bridge alone. I hope they live up to the hype. If not, I am gonna put my Jazzmaster in a woodchipper. 1
  6. I hope this hasn't posted before, I couldn't find it if it has. I got one of the new Jazzmaster Blacktops and it is great except that the screws that adjust each saddle keep unscrewing. It's as if one of the two screws makes contact with the bridge then the other one eventually just starts to rattle then come unscrewed. So I tighten them both to be exactly the same height and tension but one always seens to come loose. Its sorta hard to describe the situation, but this is what I am dealing with. Any one have a solution to this? Ever heard of it before? It just sucks because not only do I have to adjust the individual saddle but then the entire bridge feels uneven after a few come undone. I try to put them back to how they were as close as possible but it is a pain in the ass. Then i am left doing an entire setup to get it back to good working order after playing with it for only a few days. HELP!!!!
  7. It's one of the new black top Fender series Jazzys. I am really pleased with it. I gave a full description of it in the Black Top discussion thread in this site. After having it for nearly a month I still enjoy it everyday, and would definately buy another one if I had the money. Only thing i dont really like is the screws in the bridge keep coming loose and rattling as i play.
  8. I just got mine from MF today. I was really suprised how well it played right out of the box. The sunburst finish is pretty sweet, and the frets are smooth all the way down. The tuners are the same as the American series Strats and Teles(with "Fender" written on the back of them). The bridge is a like a modernized Jazzy/Jaguar style. They have one string size groove per saddle as opposed to the several small ones as the old ones have. Similar to the Mustang. I was pleasantly suprised by that. I dont think I will be in a rush to change it anytime soon. The knobs are all smooth and seem to be good quality. The pickups are also pretty damn good for a $450 guitar. I feel the neck p/u may be slighty hotter than my USA RI but still has a good Jazzy quality. The bridge humbucker is amazingly decent. I almost picked up a SD distortion for the bridge when i ordered the guitar because frankly i have never had a Fender stock humbucker hot enough for me. I am glad I didn't. I am not saying that it is a super hot or that ground breaking of a p/u, but it is a really nice sounding stock humbucker on a cheaper guitar. Reminds me of a SD JB minus a bit of clarity. I am sure there will be haters to my post, but this is all my opinion. I think if you have even a slight intrest it is worth your time to at least try one. http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x318/boxofstrangers/9-21-10004.jpg
  9. This is my new "Black Top" series Jaguar, and 97+96 USA Strats. http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x318/boxofstrangers/9-21-10004.jpg
  10. Muscians Friend droped it back to $599 as of Dec 15th....It is tempting but not sure if really worth it.
  11. I have been playing on one of these for the last 5 years. It is a monster in my opinion. Never had any problems, it is very solid, loud and heavy as hell. I was just going to use it temporarly till i could buy a Marshall or something, but I liked it so much I have stuck with it.
  12. I picked up a smart gate, it works great...i managed to tweak it so it isnt killing my tone. Thanks a lot!!!!!
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