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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking to eventually get one of the newer duo-sonics or mustangs and put some humbuckers in it. I have a Jazzmaster that I love that covers the single coil stuff, but I want to have a guitar with humbuckers for a different sound and also so I don't have to worry about hum. I like the idea of duo-sonics/mustangs because of the size, they look cool, and they're cheap! I mostly play alternative stuff. What are some single coil-sized humbuckers that I could put in these guitars that could do clean and heavy nirvana-like sounds well? Also, I'm considering the duo sonic hs, but I don't really want the single coil in the neck and don't know much about it's pickups. In this case I could always keep the original humbucker or put a full size in. Maybe I should also add that I have a Fender DRRI and use pedals for distortion (I don't take the volume beyond 3 or 4 typically). Suggestions welcome either way. Thanks!
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