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  1. Here is my guitar. I had to censor it but I'm used to that. I just drew on it because I was bored, not sure why.
  2. I never tested the sound but the build quality wasn't something I liked. I think it would be more expensive in the long run since I like killing guitars. Call the cops, I am a certified guitar killer. I swear. The squire would only last a night. At least I can fix up fender guitars. Also, kids are cool, don't #### on them. Kids are more punk than most of you will ever be.
  3. I personally just flipped a mustang to play it left handed. Worked for me. After that I got a Japanese Jaguar which was okay. But honestly, unless you broke your guitar, do you really need another one with only 2 months of playing? Unless your guitar is getting in the way of your play, get a new guitar when you know what you actually want. And if you broke it, just fix it up with duct tape and a soldering iron. It's actually not that hard. Kind regards Kurt.
  4. Hi everyone. I am a bit depressed. I miss my Jagstang so bad and I will never own it again. It sucks. I just wanted to write it here because covid is making me go insane. Anyone got any clue how to convince whoever bought the damn thing to give it back to me? I don't want to kill anyone, that's too far. Exclusive backstage pass or something? I don't know? Not like it damn matters, because people think I died (which I did, but whatever). ps, I called it a JAGSTANG not a jag-stang, thank you. Have a good day. PPS Anyone got a left handed jagstang that they are willing to sell? I have no money but perhaps we could figure something else out? I sound pathetic, but I am. Still have a good day PPPS I am Kurt Cobain, no joke, it's true.
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