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  1. I haven't posted on this site in so long but having read this thread I felt almost compelled to. What a cool thread! Rat: d: 7:30 f: 10:30 v: 3 reason: this was my go to sound for generally anything through my ol' ac15. AD900: d: 9 / 3 / 12 / variable r: 9 / 3 / 12 / 5 l: 3 / 12 / 12 / 3:30-4 reason: i use all these settings mostly. pretty much covers my basses with some minor tweaks on the fourth. they're listed verticle, so read downwards, move to next column, etc SHO: c-ok (lol): ANYWHERE! reason: #### awesome pedal irregardless. adds shine and sparkle like a 20s shoe shiner.
  2. yeah not too much of a fan sorry to say..
  3. I liked these two but I am quite boring so they're probably pretty common. meh.
  4. yeah I don't know why but I wouldn't like a oly white Jaguar but an oly white Jazzmaster, now that's a different story! I think they look fantastic. The brown tort is just as good as the black ones from daboozman or what ever from eBay.
  5. Do the AV ones have that offwhite colour that jap ones do? If so that with a black pickguard!
  6. Oh ok I took some but they look #### lol.. blame my camera work and my lack of places to rest it on. Click to enlarge (they're very big). It's a Fender Gemini II and I think it's circa 1985 according to the serial. Got it for $100 from some old guy that didn't want it anymore I'll take better pics another time and edit the post, along with pictures of my Jaguar and Blues Junior (which soon will be replaced!)
  7. Um correct me if I'm wrong but everyone modifies Strats and Teles am I correct? Well, the majority of owners anyway. What I'm trying to get at is if a Jaguar is routed for full-sized humbuckers then it will sound just as good as any other guitar with humbuckers right? I understand if he wanted to go back to SC that most people actually might have an argument there as the routes would then be larger but I don't get the point in people saying "humbuckers in a Jaguar? - 0mG5h y0Ur tRy1nG t0 b3 l1k3 d4 KURDTZ!" If you like the stock sound then that's fine, #### I know plenty of people who keep t
  8. Thanks dude - can always count on you for good replies !
  9. I was wondering if different pots would change the sound if replaced? And can you put any pot in any guitar? I have replacement CTS ones at the moment which are splitshaft 1meg but could I put a different one eg. solid shaft? Would that mean I would need to change the knobs as the ones on my CIJ Jaguar are press-on knobs. Just wondering that's all... If that's the case does the higher meg pots mean a brighter sound? And the lower ones a deeper sound?
  10. Wow guys, I don't logon for 48 some hours and I get a mass ammount of replies! Awesome. Was a great read and I've come to the conclusion that I'll first try out the 11s on my Mustang bridge which was my first thoughts on the matter anyway. Question, if I replace the Mustang saddles and put them on the original (CIJ) Jaguar bridge would that at all make a difference to the current Mustang bridge? Like, I got the mustang bridge from GPR.com and maybe I was thinking that the 'official' Fender gear from Japan might be a little closer to the actual thing than the GPR ones.
  11. Dazbootman on eBay has a large range of pickguards including japanese and AV Jaguars.
  12. Hey people, I know this has been discussed in various threads but after a search on the forums I couldn't seem to find one which encorperated all the possible options for a bridge. I obtained a Mustang bridge (re-issue) from guitarpartsresource, but I still get quite a bit of buzzing. Is it because I still have .10's? Which bridge would you guys think is the best available on the market? I'd like as many possible options as possible. I hear those Schaller T-O-M ones are good quality, but I don't know which one is specifically good for the Jaguar as there were 2 or 3 different models. I ho
  13. Common dude.. didn't Kurt have that CAR Stang?! How could you not mention CAR! DO IT, FOR, KURDTZ! Um ok. I like Seafoam Green <3 And LP's Cherrieburst is nice too.. I'm yet to find a decent Sunburst is on a Jaguar.. I think on a Stang/Tele etc it looks horrible, with maybe the exception of the odd Strat.
  14. hey i think this has been answered inside several posts (not that i could find it by searching for it though) but i was wondering how i could get the pickups to have that aged look to it? i found the one about the pickguard.. but would that be the same? they're not even made of the same materials.. can you buy pre-aged pickup covers for CIJ Jaguars?! i hope i don't get flamed for this.. i was just wondering.. i wanted to get black pup covers but after playing around with a massive pic of my Jaguar on Photoshop.. i changed it to black pups.. it looked quite.. crappy. i think it's becaus
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