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  1. I think the MIJ is the better option. In the future, I can imagine the MIJ being worth more than the reissues, as well as Japanese guitars tend to be much higher quality than Mexican.
  2. Hey, regarding the "American made", you're correct about the only ones being American were Cobain's. I'm unsure why they called it American made, I'm sure they meant Mexican made.
  3. Sorry, I didn't see this until now. It sold on Reverb this morning. Was it you that bought it?
  4. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/687181960841265153/883209170625658920/20210902_233739.jpg Image of the warp and color
  5. Hi! I have one you can buy, I pulled it off my 1997. It is very yellow, slight warped. Are you interested?
  6. It was a SH-4 in both, Kurt Cobain's, and the KC Signature. I'm pretty sure the strings are aligned, even on Kurt's. Kurt had a Gotoh bridge, which are modeled after Gibsons. Fender's Adjusto-matic is also modeled after a Gibson ABR-1.
  7. JT-95 is just the Jag-Stang's model name. No matter the year, it's always JT-95. Same with other Japanese Fenders, Mustang is MG-69, Strat is ST-62, Jaguar is JG-66. It's just how Fender Japan marks their models
  8. 2019 Squier Bullets used Basswood, newer ones used poplar VM Mustangs used Basswoods, CV ones use poplar The modern Mustangs use Alder if I'm remembering correctly
  9. The serial number dates to 2007-2008 for anyone wondering
  10. This is a HMG-66KC. Despite how it looks, this guitar is completely stock. Fender Japan had a special run of MG65 guitars in their VSP series (Vintage Special Project). This MG65 had cloth wiring, a nitro finish and CTS pots. Not many were made, and these are very rare and desirable. Fender Japan also at this time had a special run of custom order guitars. They'd take these VSP MG65s and add a DiMarzio Super Distortion to it. There were very few VSP MG65s made, and even fewer custom order HMG-66KCs. These guitars are very obscure, with very few of them surfacing. These came in 3 colors; Torino Red, Artic White, and California Blue.
  11. Both guitars are stock, so I'm not sure as to why one is so much heavier.
  12. I compared the weight of a 96 and 97 Jag-Stang. The 96 weighs around 7.5 pounds, and the 97 weighs nearly 9 pounds. Not sure why my 97 weighs so much more, both guitars are made from basswood. I'm guessing that basswood is just inconsistent in weight.
  13. I feel that maybe '97 Jag-Stangs are greener than other year Jag-Stangs. '97 was the first year that Jag-Stangs, along with other Fender instruments, switched factories from FujiGen to Tokai. FujiGen Jag-Stangs are "Made In Japan", while Tokai read "Crafted in Japan". I think it's the earlier Tokai Jag-Stangs that look green. I myself own a '97 Jag-Stang, and it is definitely green. I also own a Sonic Blue MIJ Mustang from 2009, and the MIJ Sonic Blue is much more blue than the CIJ Sonic Blue.
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