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  1. This is a HMG-66KC. Despite how it looks, this guitar is completely stock.

    Fender Japan had a special run of MG65 guitars in their VSP series (Vintage Special Project). This MG65 had cloth wiring, a nitro finish and CTS pots. Not many were made, and these are very rare and desirable.

    Fender Japan also at this time had a special run of custom order guitars. They'd take these VSP MG65s and add a DiMarzio Super Distortion to it. There were very few VSP MG65s made, and even fewer custom order HMG-66KCs. These guitars are very obscure, with very few of them surfacing. These came in 3 colors; Torino Red, Artic White, and California Blue. spacer.png

  2. I feel that maybe '97 Jag-Stangs are greener than other year Jag-Stangs. 


    '97 was the first year that Jag-Stangs, along with other Fender instruments, switched factories from FujiGen to Tokai. FujiGen Jag-Stangs are "Made In Japan", while Tokai read "Crafted in Japan". 


    I think it's the earlier Tokai Jag-Stangs that look green. I myself own a '97 Jag-Stang, and it is definitely green. I also own a Sonic Blue MIJ Mustang from 2009, and the MIJ Sonic Blue is much more blue than the CIJ Sonic Blue.

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