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  1. i'm a no-brander, but if forced i would say Rotosounds. Anyway gauge is the important thing for me and currently work at a custom 11-50 range (i find regular 11s have too light a bass string for my heavy-handedness).
  2. i need this too. But do i go for white or three-ply? The black/white/black looks pretty good on my baritone HH (much better than the all-black on my regular HH).
  3. Well the Dragsters are OK but no real 'wow' factor. i'm planning on swapping mine out for some Bare Knuckle Crawlers as they were designed with both Les Pauls and Strats in mind, so am hoping to keep a Fenderish quality to the sound. As i haven't done it yet i can't say how good it is, but i know it will sound better than the stock Dragsters.
  4. From the article i posted a link to: "In some ragas, some notes may be flattened or sharpened by one shruti, in order to better suit the mood and effect of that raga. So, for tuning purposes, the octave is divided into 22 shrutis. This is only for tuning, however; for any given that or raga, only twelve specifically-tuned notes are available. The 22 shrutis each have a specific designation, and the intervals between them are not equal; the frequency ratios between adjacent shrutis ranges from about 1.01 to about 1.04." So it's still a sort-of twelve note system. Still awaiting time to get round to doing the mods - although i do have proper Jag knobs no and need a three-ply scratchboard - definitely think i'll do a parallel/series on the cut switch.
  5. For me the sound comes from the pick ups, not the action, so i am changing the pups on mine - the stocks are OK but nothing inspiring. Mind you i'm not into extreme low action anyway if that's what you're after. i prefer to work my fingers than have any string buzz.
  6. In that case you could get a new chrome bit with just two knobs and have the proper black plastic ones. i didn't like the chrome knobs on my HHs so i replaced them
  7. Hey, i have an HH and HH Baritone Special, so i'm not going to slag you off for having humbuckers. Not so keen on this silver knobs though, but that's an aesthetic point.
  8. Well i have two HHs and neither have given me any trouble with tuning or buzz. Maybe you just need a setup for the buzz. Whenever i put on new strings i do the snap thing where you pull the string from the middle and snap it back a few times. That usually does it. i replaced the chrome knobs with black plastic Jazz ones and i'm going to get some coil-tapping fitted for some Jaggier sounds (but i do love having humbuckers and particularly a stop bridge - trems are to me ) And my HH Baritone superficially looks more like a Jazzmaster than the regular HH, but is still miles away.
  9. Well i'm a big SY fan so i'm going to say thanks as i hadn't seen that site before (then again i'm not a big internet scourer, so i like it when other people do the leg work).
  10. Don't know what's causing it, but my HHs are fine, no hum - they are humbucker guitars after all. Personally i will be swapping out the pickups as soon as i get the cash together, if you decide to then your tech could look at the problem at the same time. Sounds like it might be the pot though if it happens when you turn it down (!?). Maybe try replacing it. Also io believe the Dragster pups are two wire, whereas replacement humbuckers are often four wire - i don't know if that improves hum cancellation or not though. Still it shouldn't hum so that you'd notice (unless you have a ridiculous amount of gain in your amp).
  11. i have that HH Baritone - i love it. i thought the strings that came with it were a bit light though - odd gauge choice. i'm experimenting with heavier sets. i will be changing the pups to Bare Knuckles though (but i do that with all my guitars). i have exchanged the chrome pots for Jag plastic ones and to give a bit more variation have a Stellartone BariTone-Styler awaiting fitting too (fits in the tone pot position). Love the first reply "Can you tune it standard"
  12. Well the ad looks OK, but his seller rating is a bit suspect - 1 feedback mutually withdrawn. Live and learn i suppose. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe you should post this on Surf101 and short scale too.
  13. Don't know if it applies to trems, but i believe (may be wrong) the scratchplates on CIJ use a different screw hole spacing to the US made models, so you may find that you have to make new screw holes. But i might be talking crap. Just thought you might want to check first.
  14. Floyds were invented by Satan, i'll have nothing to do with them.
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