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  1. Hey, i just wanted to chime in that one thing i’ve tried when going for something vaguely similar was putting my jag-stang pickups out of phase and turning the amp up to get some more dirt on it. I felt that sound had some of the really pretty strange kind of ‘something” to be specific… But i’ve been doing engineering stuff for a long, long time and eventually was messing with phase on some instruments recorded with multiple mics and the thought occurred that a part of the sound that i noticed and felt was present might possibly have some strange comb filtering/phase stuff from microphones not quite in phase…and i think that helps as well, and that theory was somewhat confirmed years later as i came across the multitracks for the b-side MV and on that one Mr. Albini definitely just had multiple mics on the amp while purposely ignoring the 3:1 “rule” and using the timing differences to work like a very strange eq. And then also there is a fair amount of bleed in those recordings and the original “scratch” guitar tracks (tracked live) kinda bled into the other instruments’ tracks and they were pretty out of tune (i was surprised!) and that might add a weird ghostly/out of phase type thing (i was also fascinated to (FINALLY!) figure out about the bass tone on that album…i had talked to several people and mostly they talked about using a very short (highpassed?) delay…but after hearing the multitracks, i think it is absolutely from the bass bleeding into the drum tracks (and also the multi mic on the amp, but the weird airiness i believe is the bleed into the drums.) sorry for going on and on and on, this is a topic i’ve been fascinated with for a while and i’m at work and super bored and a bit “groovy” feeling right now…lol. I hope it might be of some use possibly. Cheers!
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