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  1. Hi Mad Mike,

    I just bought a Vintage Modified Mustang and I was reading your post about setting up the trem. I'm a bit confused on a few points and I was wondering if you could help me out.

    First, you mention lubing the pivots and the screws. I assume this means to lube 1) the area on the post which pivots, 2) the knife's edge on the plate which the post pivots on, and 3) the screws....where? which screws?

    Second, you mention wrapping the bridge screws with 3M tape to stick them in place a bit. Could Loctite achieve the same result? I'll be using Loctite to hold the saddle intonation screws in place.

    And lastly, you mention that the stem of the whammy bar should be at a specific angle. Are you referring to the angle at which the whammy protrudes from the cigar bar when at rest, relative to the surface of the guitar?

    Thank you,


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