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  1. i dont get it. how does 2 screws in the body lock my bridge and let me use the intended tailpiece direction? please explian.
  2. thanks. i just realized that he is accidentally in that moving shot. he is a blur.
  3. pics, review and the right way to lock down a bridge on a guitar ending in stang. okay. i got a fender mustang mij reissue in sonic blue. i hated the tortise-shell pickguard so replaced it with a white perloid one. also, i wired in a single-coil sized humbucking hot rail into the bridge position. i love the look and coulour of this guitar, the small neck makes it perfect. though i placed 11's on it already, the guitar was horrible out of intonation with the stock strings. fit and finish are superb, the guitar is everything i expected. well, obviously i was having extreme tuning-stability issu
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