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  1. Hi everyone! Longtime viewer but a first time poster! My apologies as I’ve been using the wisdom you provide here for years without providing any of my own, so serves me right for my current conundrum! Here’s hoping you can help me, everyone! I bought a (presumably) 2012-14 C.I.I. (Crafted in Indonesia) Surf Green Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar and a Sonic Blue Jazzmaster. They are both SWEET guitars, set up great from the factory (albeit with rubber-band-like 9s or maybe even 8s I promptly removed. I play my MIJ Jagu w/12s, as a point of contrast…) and I swapped the “Duncan Designed” Jazzmaster pickups for American Vintage ones no problem…but… * I cannot for the life of me get my lead pickup to work in ANY capacity! I have NO idea what to do! * Okay, I’m pretty familiar with the Jaguar pickup selector system as I’ve been playing my 90s MIJ for years, and the logic I went through to rule things out is below… Where have I gone wrong? [Keep in mind, I’m an experienced player, but a COMPLETELY AMATEUR electrician and DIY-repairman, so I won’t take any “did you try….” remarks as condescension. I just want to learn!] 1. The rhythm pickup works just fine… Both using the dedicated rhythm circuit (at the “top” of the body when across my knee, playing) and the tone/volume wheels both work fine. 2. Using the lead selector switch at the “bottom,” it works just fine tone/volume knobs work just fine. 3. The bass cut switch also works just fine when using the rhythm pickup only with the “lead circuit.” 4. When I try to use both pickups, I get nothing… it sounds as though the pickups are indeed switched on, but only barely… 5. When I try to use the lead pickup alone, I get nothing. Dead. 6. I have concluded that it must be a bad switch, no? I am pretty awful at soldering for sure, but also: I can’t find a wiring diagram for the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar… it’s a bit different (or at least mine is?) from the wiring diagram included in the Fender Vintage 65 pickups package I got. In fact, it’s quite different. Could it be that I have installed the wrong pickups in the wrong places? For one, the colors of the wires are frustratingly backward in that the stock rhythm pickup (“Duncan-Designed”) I pulled from the guitar had a black and yellow wire attached and the lead pickup had a black and a white wire attached… If the wiring diagram included in the Fender American Vintage 65 package is to be believed, it’s the opposite: lead pickup has a yellow wire and rhythm has a white wire. Also, the black ground wire went someplace completely different than this diagram suggests? When I removed the stock pickups, I tried to reconnect everything to where it was, but now it’s a mess of solder and no signal… If you DO know how to help, what’s the best way to do it? Start from scratch and pick up [no pun intended ] some new switches? Is it a bad wire or bad new pickup from the box? Should I give this to a professional at this point? No clue, whatsoever… but mighty frustrating! ** Incidentally, because I’m a complete idiot, I don’t have a good picture of the “before” (of course…) for the lead circuit. I anticipated this rhythm one giving me more trouble, but lesson learned there… So if anyone has looked under the hood and snapped a photo of what the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguars are “supposed to look like” stock, please please please post a picture! That alone would help massively! I can post some pictures later in the day! Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Long, long ago, I owned a 1968 (i think, it had block inlays) Jaguar, and one thing I remember loving about it was that the trem-arm (or whammy bar) had no thread. It just kinda pop/snapped into place and stayed there and popped out when you pulled it out. Easy-peasy lemon squeezey. After not owning an offset guitar for many years, I recently purchased an MIM Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster. I almost immediately noticed that the trem-arm is threaded, and needed to be screwed in, like a Stratocaster trem-arm. My question: Can anyone with a true vintage Jazzmaster tell me if this was always the case for JM whammy bars, or if it's just the new MIM Classic Player's cutting corners? Likewise, can any owners of vintage Jaguars corroborate my memory and verify that they had those "pop-in" style bars?
  3. Hey, I'm new to modding guitars and I'm getting a squier jaguar soon that I want to change up. The most common comment I see about the jaguar is that its rhythm circuit is only useful for certain things like the woman tone. I feel like the rhythm circuit would be so much more useful and versatile if you could switch between pickups while it was activated. This could allow for an outrageous amount of tones from one guitar, and my idea is putting in a Gibson-style three way toggle as part of the rhythm circuit, and keeping the lead circuit wired-up with the three selector-switches and the hi-pass. If you're worried about signal/tone being lost due to more being put in the way of the original signal, I suppose you could wire up the lead circuit with a toggle switch instead of the selectors and keep the hi-pass switch. Due to not having done any of this stuff before, I'm here to see if this is actually possible; if there would be substantial signal/tone loss; and how one would go about wiring all of that up. Thanks!
  4. Hi, First post on here but have had some helpful tips from you lot in the past. So i've got a fender jag MIJ 1994 and have recently upgraded the pickups to Seymour duncan quarter pounders, both neck and bridge. I installed them and both worked fine for about a month but now the neck pickup has stopped working properly. With the top switch in 'lead' position the neck pickup is super quiet. With the top switch in 'rhythm' mode the neck pickup is silent. The bridge pickup is still nice and loud. Is this a pickup fault? I've re- soldered the wiring but still no good. Any help much appreciated.
  5. I bought a Jaguar about 4-5 months ago. The seller was open about the guitar and stated he believed it to be a Japan made guitar. The electronics worked and I was looking for my first jaguar, so I was not concerned. The headstock logo has no serial numbers on it and it say .....tremelo. The original kluson type tuners were changed to F tuners. At the base of the neck where it meets the body, there is a discoloration, under the finish, which makes it looke like it may have been a CIJ or MIJ type sticker that had been removed. To emphasize, the finish is not disturbed and the discoloration is below the finish. It weighs 8.3 pounds and has a thick body. I got curious and took the neck off. At the end of the neck it states "1 NOV 64 B" and in the neck pocket there is an ink 64--- clearly visible. As I said above, the headstock logo has no patent numbers, etc., but it looks original and the finish is just fine. I have not removed the pickguard to look at the electronics. I am somewhat of a novice and thought I would check with a forum like this for ideas, before proceeding. Thanks.
  6. I'm not liking the taper on the volume pot of the lead circuit of my CIJ jaguar, so thought I'd try a different brand, or maybe a linear taper (let's not start a discussion of linear vs log right now). But I can not for the life of me find anyone selling jaguar parts. I ended up getting a 1 meg pot and then realised that the jag pots are tiny and grown up pots won't fit. Any idea where I can get either Fender pots or pots that would fit? I tried all parts, wd music, axesrus, ebay, amazon and came up with nothing.
  7. Hello Jag-stang forums! This is my first post! YAAAYAYAYAY!Y!Y!Y!Y Anyways, I recently traded my Fender Jazzmaster for a 2008 MIM Fender Jaguar because I like the shorter scale better, being I have relatively small hands. Here's a couple pics of the Jaguar. I just have a few questions, I am a n00b when it comes to setting up, inotating, etc on a guitar. I got this guitar because I wanted to make it my own, and I have a few plans for mods in the future, whether the rescourses here help me learn how to do them myself, or whether I pay a tech to do it is still up in the air. I don't like fudging things up. But here are some of the things concerning me about this guitar aswell as some mods I have planned, the main thing I'm trying to do today is get this things set up right so I can get to know her better and let her tear up my Fender Super Sonic for the day. First off, the action is really low, which I like a lot, however there is a slight buzz that you can hear acoustically, but it doesn't come through on the amp. Now before you say "Install a buzzstop!" it isn't coming from behind the bridge or near the bridge, it is because the action is so low. This only happens past the 7th fret on certain random frets, no fret wire sits higher than the others, it's all pretty even so I know it's not that. My question is, how should I go about fixing this issue, the guitar has a tune-0-matic bridge I believe? So I was wondering if I should fix the problem from there, or from a neck adjustment, although the neck looks like it is fairly straight. Another question I have, CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THESE #### SWITCHES TO ME? lol. Also, from the picture of the neck pocket area, it's hard to see but it looks like there is a crack, from upclose it looks like a piece of hair, and when I unboxed it I actually thought it was and tried to take it off, but it wasn't. I am planning on repainting this guitar white when I upgrade several other things, can any of you tell if this is a crack in the finish or the if it is deeper and therefore a problem? Last but not least, some of the mods I have planned include Jaguar Mastery Bridge Curtis Novak Lipstick Pickups Switching the three switch area to a telecaster style toggle switch Thanks for the help Jag-stang forums! I registered over at offsetguitar forums but it seems I have to wait a while for a administrator to approve of me. Also, it would be really appreciated if some of you more experience guys could give me a few tips on how to set up and proberly maintain a jaguar.
  8. I've got some jazzmaster pickups on order to put in my CIJ jag. I wanted the jazz pickups with the short scale. Anyone who's done this who can give me any tips? Obviously I'm going to have to route out a bit for the wider pickups, but how deep should I go? Probably not as far down as the original route as the jazzer pickups aren't as deep as the jaguar. Also, any suggestions as to pickup placement? I don't know if the bridge location allows for the jazz bridge pickup to have its pole pieces positioned exactly where the jaguar's would be. Even if it were, perhaps it would sound better a little further from the bridge. Any other pitfalls to consider?
  9. I've got a Fender Jaguar I'm looking into modding. I'm planning to put two humbucking pickups into it, but have them coil tapped with out of phase. I would go for the Push Pull knobs, but I'm happy with the standard pots the Jaguar comes with and not planning to do that. I rather like the idea of two three way switches wired up for coil-tap/out of phase like the Pawnshop mustang. I have all the parts I need to get working on it. Just need help in terms of Electronics/schematics since I'm not sure where to wire what to where etc. I've had a look around on the internet for schematics, but I'm still confused to the wires would go. I basically got Got a Ken Custom Fender Jaguar (basically a fancy Classic MIM Jag) [standard Jag Schematics] Two humbucking Pickups with 4 way braids Two Three-Way Mustang Switches Additional wires if needed Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thinking about putting in a set of EMG's in my blacktop special edition Jag. I don't know if they'll fit so please let me know.
  11. Hello all, My brother recently visited an antiques store and found what looks to be a Jaguar frankenstein of some sorts. I believe the neck is from a Strat of some sort, probably a Squire by the looks of the decals. What i'm really concerned about is the body. At first glance I thought it was one of those Pawn Shop series Jaguarillos, but the bridge and volume/tone plate isn't there. I realize they could have just put a different pick guard on it, but that doesn't explain the Strat style bridge. I only have the two photos linked below, and little to no info from my brother. Pictures here: https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A65nhQSTN1Xxd Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I just bought my first Jaguar. It's an HHS I believe, made in Mexico. Got a sweet deal at a pawn shop so I figured, why not? I like the tone a lot. However, when I restrung it, I took all the strings off at the same time and the bridge and the tremolo both fell off. Once I restrung it, it was fine. Since I don't know a thing about Jaguars: is this supposed to happen? If not, is it okay?
  13. SO! what have you done to change your gear? I've changed my trusty Squier Jagmaster (my workhorse, sunburst) to having tele style knobs, had to change all the internal wiring since I somehow managed to snap all of the wires, and replaced the bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Super Distortion (creme) and this has played at every show I've done, including places like Disneyland, The Cavern, the Royal Albert Hall..the list goes on, but even though its honestly abeaten up, cheap P.O.S, I love it to death and the tone from it is KILLER! I'm also getting my 62 RI Jaguar (CARed) modded a fair bit since my trusty squier is beginning to die after 5 years of hardcore abuse. I picked this up from my favourite store, and some guy bought it for like £800 and had it for A DAY and played it once, decided he didnt like it and traded it back in, so I came down after christmas about 2 years ago and managed to pick it up for about £390 with all the case candy, the film still on, and all the other junk. SCORE! ANYWAY, thats the story, but now onto the main subject, modding. I've just recently sent it off for a couple of mods. - Its getting 250k pots installed (it has 1meg) since I hate the on/off feel it has at the moment with no sweep -a new pickguard (I believe its gonna be white mother of pearl or something), -a toggle switch installed (similar to the KC model) since the switches are hard to change at speed, -and its being routed in the bridge for a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash humbucker I picked up when visiting family in Canada for $120 since frankly, I hate the single coil in it, yet the neck is perfect to me. Although I may get another Super Distortion since its worked out pretty good for me in my jagmaster. I'm also contemplating changing the tuning pegs to Grovers and all the chrome hardware to a gold colour (it has gold straplocks and the colours matched pretty good) I'd also be pretty interested in a red/black burst or something. I'll put some pictures up when I get it back! now its your go
  14. Hi I rescently purchased this Jaguar. I'm sure many of you know what it is. It's the Fender Japan Jaguar Special (HH?) Anyway my question is does anyone know where I can buy another pick guard to fit it. I don't know what website to buy from because I'm not sure if their pick guards will fit this Japanese jaguar. I already know about being able to send in a template for a custom made pick guard on www.wdmusic.com but I wanted to just go ahead and buy one. Does anyone know where to get one to fit this guitar? I'm looking for a red tortoise pick guard. Please and thanks!
  15. So I just got my first Jaguar. I got a vintage modified squier one because I got it durring a big sale, have always wanted a jaguar, & plan on doing a lot of work to it to make it my own. I know I need to switch the tremolo system for a locking one and I guess get it all set up. Anything anyone on here would suggest to me to do it (other than the "don't get a squier" comment) to get it to the best jaguar it can be?
  16. Hey, I'm planning on buying my first Jaguar this September, so I have some time to think. I'm having trouble deciding on a Jaguar, but I know a few things. 1. I want a Jag that can fit humbucking pickups. 2. I want to get a hard rock/punk rock/grunge sound out of it. So I looked around and found 2 Jaguars that caught my attention. The Kurt Cobain edition Jaguar, seemed pretty awesome, but it's heavily priced, around $1,299 USD. Here's a demo of it: Then there's the HH Jaguar that goes for around $1,000 - $1,099 USD. It seemed pretty good too although it has 2 MIJ Dragster Humbuckers as opposed to the DiMarzio Super Distortion humbuckers that are in the Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Here's a demo of that too: So my question is this.. what do you guys think would be a better investment? Is the KC Jaguar really worth all that money? Is the HH Jaguar good enough for the sound I wanna get? Thanks.
  17. I have a 65' reissue Jaguar from 98', I got it from a big time producer who said many people who went through his studio played it and its been in a movie (he wouldnt tell me who or what movie, i tried). I got this guitar when i was about 17 and i begged this guy to drop his price and i told him how much of a fan i am of the guitar and i was a HUGE NIRVANA FAN at the time (still am but not as obsessed). Anyway he said that money isnt a huge issue and hed rather have it go to someone who would appreciate it and so i got it pretty cheap. When i took it home and started playing with it i loved it, everything i ever wanted but the set up was a little off. I looked up some set ups and bridge replacements and decided to take my Tune-O-Matic off of my Epiphone and put it on my jag, this fixed the buzz problem and the string height and stuff but it still wasnt perfect. I put the guitar to the side for awhile and for the longest time still couldnt get over not being able to have a bridge cover haha. After about a year i decided to take it to a guitar tech. I took it to Sacramento because im not a huge fan of the Roseville guitar tech (total douche he set it up once and told me it was a waste of time and the Jaguar was Fenders retarded creation). So i went to Sacramento and I met this tech named Larry and he told me he will work on any guitar he loves a challenge. He was awesome i left it with him for a week and he took the neck off and put spacers to adjust it right and he put a new tree on the headstock for the D and G string (the G string always popped out of the string nut). He man this thing an amazing feeling guitar and it even noticably sounds good, ive done plenty of business with him and he is a very cool tech and he will talk to you for hours about guitars and pickups and he knows his sh*t. He doesnt only work on your guitar but tells you what hes doing and why so you can learn how to fix it next time or help someone else. I have caught him on a bad day before (he was slammed with work and a little irritated) but any other time he is the coolest dude ever, figured i'd let you all know since i know alot of people have problems with set up. He said that he would perfer i kept original bridge because he likes the design and can fix anything!
  18. Some new Fender Custom Shop models. Always a bit turned off on the prices of custom shop models... but they certainly look nice! http://www.fender.com/custom-shop/series/limited-edition/ Limited La Cabronita “Gato Gordo” Jaguar Limited Jazzmaster Pro Limited Custom Deluxe Jazzmaster
  19. thought this could be a good idea for a thread. What was your latest NGD and what did you get? (photos )
  20. I'm in talks with a guy selling a left-handed Jaguar (finally, after months of me searching for one!) and I wanted to see if you guys could let me know to the best of your knowledge if I'm buying a real Jaguar and not a fake replica before I take the plunge! Here are a few pictures of the beauty: From the information I have about the guitar, it's a '63 re-issue, made in Japan in '94 and the serial number is: T011357. I've check the serial and it does check out, although serials are obviously easily faked. Everything looks good to me, but I'm not experienced when it comes to Jags so I was just wondering what you guys thought? Thanks!
  21. I'm looking to replace the pickuos in my 62 reissue Jaguar. I want to get more bite and power. Does anyone have any opinion on either the Dimarzio billy corgan signature pickups or the Seymour duncan SJAG?
  22. Hey, hope this is the right place to post this. My Jaguar's tremolo bit broke so i had to take it apart and put it back together. Underneath the tremolo in the gap where it sits is a wire that is attached to nothing and i can't figure out why it is there, I can't check if it's working because I'm waiting for new strings. But is there a reason why there is a wire attached to nothing underneath the tremolo bit? Hope that makes sense Thanks for reading
  23. anyone know where I can get a shaped hardcase for a jaguar? I know there are a few being made, I've seen some occasionally on ebay, the most recent being this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-JAPAN-66-Reissue-Jaguar-in-3-Tone-Burst-With-RARE-Hardcase-CiJ-2008-/160859358472?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item2573f70508 but hey, I dont want the guitar Anyone know where I could get one of these or who makes them? I have a Hiscox STD-EJAG liteflite case right now, and its good being indestructable and all, and brilliant for hauling equipment to places, but its just too bulky for day to day use. Plus I'd like another case to put my old Jagmaster in instead of a big box shaped one so I can use it for something else. any ideas who makes them?
  24. Sup yo, I've been playin around with an idea for an alternate wiring for my Jag which would consist of completely getting rid of the circuit selection concept and replace it by having 2 tone and 2 volume pots just like a standard Les Paul wiring with the 2 rollers at the upper horn housing as the tones and the 2 normal pots at the bottom housing the 2 volumes. The main problem I can see with it is that I'd have to have really long wires attached to the capacitors between the volume and tone pots. Is that a problem at all? Would it work? I'm still pretty new to doing my own wiring so I'm really not sure how it'll work. I'd really like to hear what y'all think of this idea and your speculations as to whether it will work Cheers, Amnesiac
  25. well, I was flicking through some new pages of the Fender website and came across these, Squier JAGUARS http://www.fender.com/en-GB/products/search.php/?partno=0302000500 there is also a Mustang that Squier are making too. As the owner of a Fender Jaguar (MIM) I've been thinking, what lies for the future of Jaguars? there doesnt seem to be much difference between lower end ones and the Squiers, lets face it, all the key features that people buy Jags for are there, so is it only a matter of time until Japs and Mexi's are phased out altogether? I'm not sure I like the idea of jaguars and mustangs being made by Squier. I think they'll be more expensive than they're worth, but then again, I may want one because they were originally supposed to be 'student' models and its obvious theyre returning to that. Yet at the same time, I wouldnt because of the association with 'Squier' and 'P.O.S guitars' (except from maybe the jagmaster, which is built like a brick wall) Im thinking maybe a CAR one as a backup for my CAR Fender. May even pick up a mustang if it seems worth it. I'm split down the middle...whats your take?
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