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Found 18 results

  1. Several years ago I posted about how I was kind of disappointed in my Jag-stang. The output seemed kind of weak, the intonation wasn't great and the wolf tones on the low E string around the 12th fret were horrible. I recently decided to just see what I could do with it. I was nervous to mod it, since I really wanted to keep all the original parts. So, I decided to just do a full swap of the electronics, pickguard included. While it still has some issues that I haven't been able to figure out, swapping out the pickups was by far the best decision I've made in terms of upgrading. The intonation
  2. Hi, so I’m a wiring noob and needing some help with the wiring I have in mind. I’m upgrading both pups in my JS. In the bridge I’m putting in a Seymour Duncan P-Rails, and in the neck a Lace Chrome Dome (or DiMarzio Area 67). (Two slide switches and Tone and Vol.) What I want to be able to do if possible is wire the neck switch to toggle between the neck/neck+bridge(parallel)/bridge. The bridge switch I want to wire to split the p-rails, rail/humbucker(series)/p-90. So, what I need is a diagram if possible and some advice about the switches. I assume i’ll need two 3-way on/on/on slid
  3. Hi! I'm new to Jaguar, and I need some help. I've found Fender Jaguar special USA replacement pickups set for sale on a Polish site simmilar to craiglist. I'm not sure about authenticity of this pickups, and the fact that it's rather cheap makes me suspicious. Can anyone help me judge it's credibility just by the way it looks? Thank's a lot in advance!
  4. I want my SSS Strat to sound more like a jaguar as I'm lefty and can't afford a Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Any advices?
  5. Hi, I thought I would be very clever by fitting a set of Fender '62 AVRI pickups in my 50th Anniversary Jaguar. Problem is when both pickups are active they're out of phase and don't hum cancel either. I've head I can wire the hot side to ground and black wire to the switching section. Suppose that works, I would still be left with hum. Anybody know if the '62 pickups are RW/RP or not? TBH I'm already disappointed to how they sound as is aside from the hum & phasing. The Special Design Hot Pickup which comes as stock on the 50th anniversary sound better than the '62 which ar
  6. Just picked up a 96' Sonic Blue Fender Jag-Stang and I naturally want to upgrade the stock pups as I do with all my guitars. I am a bit perplexed however as I favor p90's the majority of the time. My Jazzmaster has Duncan Antiquity II's that are perfect for it, my Jaguar has Bareknuckle Stockholm's that are dark and perfect for it, My Fender Super-Sonic has a Duncan Phatcat in the neck and a Bareknuckle Supermassive HSP (humbucker sized p90) and it is magical. I like Duncan and see that most people do the Duncan JB upgrade, but I am torn as I have a bit more love for the Bareknuckle pups and t
  7. I've got an original issue Jagstang and really happy with it overall. 2 questions i have: - i want to replace the single coil as it's not that great. any suggestions for a single coil that suits the guitar? - i love the song of the humbucker. i'm not sure why others don;t like it as i seem to be able to get a really big rock and metal tone out of it with my Blackstar metal HT5. Can anyone tell me what sort of humbucker it is. I'd like to put one in a Jaguar Special HH MIM that i just got. It's a lovely guitar but the humbucker sounds are too muddy for my liking. I'd like to k
  8. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the pickups in my 1976 fender mustang, I love how it plays and wouldn't trade it for anything but I'm not entirely satisfied with the original pickups. I play almost entirely rhythm, and am looking for something that'll make the chords shine with highs and lows and give me the power I need for twangy riffs. Really I would like anyone who's changed their mustang's pickups to give their opinion of what brands and models I should think about. I want them to have the same plastic covers and I'm not afraid to pay for high end. I play rockabilly style music wi
  9. I've got some jazzmaster pickups on order to put in my CIJ jag. I wanted the jazz pickups with the short scale. Anyone who's done this who can give me any tips? Obviously I'm going to have to route out a bit for the wider pickups, but how deep should I go? Probably not as far down as the original route as the jazzer pickups aren't as deep as the jaguar. Also, any suggestions as to pickup placement? I don't know if the bridge location allows for the jazz bridge pickup to have its pole pieces positioned exactly where the jaguar's would be. Even if it were, perhaps it would sound better a
  10. Thinking about putting in a set of EMG's in my blacktop special edition Jag. I don't know if they'll fit so please let me know.
  11. I new to the community and I am preparing to change my first set of pickups in my new Mustang, but from the spec sheets I found online it looks a little confusing with all of the phase switching wires inside. Ultimately, I'm wondering do I even bother with those other wires or just focus on disconnecting the old pickup solder points and reconnect the new pickup wires to those old solder points? Any photos, instructions, drawn diagrams, or anything will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. So I havent been on here in a while but I have a custom jagstang with a seymour duncan invader in the bridge and the other day I was taking it out to look at the pup underneath to see if there was any bad solders because it was cutting in and out (turns out it was a bad cable!) but I lost one of the mounting screws for it and now I cant find any that will fit. any ideas?
  13. So i'm thinking about getting a Jazzmaster. I've had my eye on the Classic Player's Jazzmaster for a bit of time but, I have a few concerns. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Classic-Player-Jazzmaster-Special-Electric-Guitar-104907183-i1397677.gc 1.The Bridge I've heard that people usually have problems with string popping out on the stock Jazzmaster Bridges. Do you guys have a preference between the mustang bridge and the mastery bridge? 2 The Pickups I've played the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster before, and it was a pretty good sounding guitar. Are the stock pickups on the clas
  14. Hey does any one know the output levels of the stock pickups in a mustang? I can't find info anywhere. Mine is a CIJ from the md 90s if that makes any difference. Thanks
  15. I'm looking to replace the pickuos in my 62 reissue Jaguar. I want to get more bite and power. Does anyone have any opinion on either the Dimarzio billy corgan signature pickups or the Seymour duncan SJAG?
  16. So I've had a jagstang for about a year now, and I remember when I got it, I pledged to replace the pickups. I was considering ordering a SS configuration pickguard from pickguardian.com, but first wanted to check to see if I had to route the body, or if it would drop in just like putting a single coil in a HSS strat's bridge. Does anyone have experience with this?
  17. So I've had a jagstang for about a year now, and I remember when I got it, I pledged to replace the pickups. I was considering ordering a SS configuration pickguard from pickguardian.com, but first wanted to check to see if I had to route the body, or if it would drop in just like putting a single coil in a HSS strat's bridge. Does anyone have experience with this?
  18. Greetings All! Can someone tell me what to expect when changing the pickup covers on a '62 AVRI Jaguar? I'd like to replace the original off-white (vintage colored) ones with bright white covers, but its not clear to me whether the pickups are wax potted or not, and I don't want to screw anything up. For example, should I expect the old ones to easily slip-off or will they need to be heated and then re-potted? Anybody?
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