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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all I’d like to upgrade my Squier Mustang VM to the Fender Dynamic Vibrato unit, but can’t find any at a reasonable price online in the UK. Everything is imports with steep delivery costs, or vintage expensive ones that I’m not particularly interested in. Anyone know of where to buy one, or an alternative brand as good as the original Fender? cheers Jav
  2. Hey All, Was hoping to get some insight as to what this black platform thing is under the saddle here. It looks like it goes all the way across the bridge and is slightly bigger than the bridge itself. I've only ever been exposed to the two pin style that mounts directly into the body, so I'm not sure if this is a mod or not. Has anyone seen this before? Is it a factory rarity or something? Guitar: Fender Jaguar, made in japan c.1993-1995ish.
  3. Hello! When i removed the bridge of my jaguar I found a surprise. how can i remove the rust without ruining the paint? Bo
  4. Hello, I am building a Jazzmaster and I have a Jazzmaster bridge, but I don't have the tremolo part. Is it possible to use a standard Tune-O-Matic tailpiece with a Jazzmaster bridge instead of the tremolo? I would also want those two parts to be quite close to each other like a standard Tune-O-Matic would be. Thanks.
  5. So I decided to take my old JS back to wood and refinish it and while I was at it, invest in a few (okay more than a few) upgrades. The finish was a saga. I started with Wudtone’s ‘Lady Teal’ but I wanted solid colour and that was really the wrong finish for that task. I then tried Nitro in ‘Lake Placid Blue’ but with zero margin for error and an expensive lesson in how important following the instructions regarding temperature is, this was also a fail (barely, but a fail). The final finish I laid straight over the nitro. I used Dulux Duramax ‘Dark Blue Metallic’ enamel. It came out really well. I’m happy with it anyway. The upgrades include Hipshot, locking-nut, vintage tuners; Mastery bridge; pickups (Dimarzio Area 67 in the neck, and an SD P-rails in the bridge); ToneShaper Mustang wiring kit (swapped in a linear pot for the tone); neck plate; hardtailed the tremolo; and re-shielded the cavities. My wiring needs a tweak as I’m only getting the 67 to work, but I’ll do that in due course. My kids were able to present me with it this morning for my birthday. ? https://www.dropbox.com/sc/67sc47lnf2v32fi/AACbgAnp40XssAxfAQOc0UZea
  6. Hey ya'll, new member here but I'm in a bind. I'm looking for the screws to a jag-stang that my buddy has in his possession. It's got some work that's gotta go into it, but most importantly is I'm missing the screws for adjusting the bridge height for the action. The pic shows the ones I'm missing. Any of ya'll know where I might be able to find the screws? If not, what are my options for this? Thanks for any help!
  7. I have an ‘02–‘04 Crafted in Japan Fender Jaguar. It came with a Tune-o-Matic bridge: the original/standard kind, with 4mm threaded posts and thumbwheels, mounted at a slight diagonal. The threaded posts/studs are screwed directly into the body wood—there are no pots/bushings/thimbles. My question is, what are my options for replacing/upgrading the bridge using the existing posts (i.e. without having new post-holes drilled)? From what i can tell, all the Mastery, Stay-Trem and Mustang options all mount on 6mm posts (+/- thimbles). (For what it’s worth, my main issue with the ToM in the first place is that it makes the action insanely high, even with the bridge set at its lowest height. I tried shimming the neck but it hasn’t helped much, except to also add some fret buzz [which is irritating given how high the strings still are at the high end of the fretboard...] I did already try a tuneomatic-style bridge with roller bridges, which fit perfectly on the existing posts, but the saddles buzz/“plink” badly — I am guessing the diagonal orientation of the bridge posts means that the strings aren’t sitting squarely in the saddle grooves.)
  8. Looking to change the bridge on my Jag-Stang. Im leaning towards a Mastery. Anyone made this change? Any other decent options I should check out? Thanks in advance
  9. Howdy, So i bought a modern player mustang, turns out i hate the bridge more than i thought i could've ever. I would like to replace it with a ToM because the way i play seems to mess with the saddles and they never stay in place and the strings go out of tune like crazy, i don't touch the vibrato and i am not interested in setting it up correctly, im just looking to replace it with a ToM that fits, does anyone know which one will fit? I'm new to modifications. Also can i just put any old tuners on it to replace the vintage tuners, cos i have a guitar that i dont use anymore and i guess i could replace it with them. Sorry if this is a repost or something.
  10. I've got an original issue Jagstang and really happy with it overall. One thing i'd like help with: When I play it hard the bridge drops gradually and the guitar goes out of tune over time. this seems to happen only on the high string side. the heavy strings are fine but the overall change in the bridge outs all the strings slightly out of tune. If i play for long enough the high strings drop down to the fretboard. is there a simple fix for this? i don't mind the bridge and don't get any of the other problems that I've read about so i'd prefer not to get a new bridge. thanks
  11. Hey guys, I just bought my first Jaguar. It's an HHS I believe, made in Mexico. Got a sweet deal at a pawn shop so I figured, why not? I like the tone a lot. However, when I restrung it, I took all the strings off at the same time and the bridge and the tremolo both fell off. Once I restrung it, it was fine. Since I don't know a thing about Jaguars: is this supposed to happen? If not, is it okay?
  12. So i'm thinking about getting a Jazzmaster. I've had my eye on the Classic Player's Jazzmaster for a bit of time but, I have a few concerns. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Classic-Player-Jazzmaster-Special-Electric-Guitar-104907183-i1397677.gc 1.The Bridge I've heard that people usually have problems with string popping out on the stock Jazzmaster Bridges. Do you guys have a preference between the mustang bridge and the mastery bridge? 2 The Pickups I've played the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster before, and it was a pretty good sounding guitar. Are the stock pickups on the classic any beefier, i've thought about swapping out the bridge pickup for a Lollar P-90 or a Curtis Novak PAF style Humbucker. I play alot of alternative rock, mainly Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, etc. Some suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
  13. Hey! I just recently got a new Squier Vintage Modified Mustang and its a great guitar, except for the bridge. It was awful (buzzes, strings popping out, etc.) so I decided to take the bridge off of my Modern Player Jaguar, which is a tuneomatic, and put in on my mustang considering both have the same neck radius. Well I took it off my Jag and made the posts bigger on the tuneomatic and dropped it in very easily. It is very sturdy and I dont see anything wrong, except for the action. The action is WAY too high off of the fret board. I will post pictures to see if anyone knows how I can fix this if it is even fixable. Maybe I should just get another bridge? I would really like to be able to just use the tuneomatic if possible. Also I am completely new to fixing and modding my guitars by myself. I used to have a luthier do it but it got too expensive. This is the bridge on it now This is the action This is the old bridge, if it helps
  14. I recently got a Jag-Stang body, and I was wondering what would be a good pick for necks, birdges, and pickups? Help me out here, thanks.
  15. Hello everyone! I own a Japanese HH Jaguar (2004-2005 era) and I've recently been annoyed with the bridge that's been worn for almost ten years of use. And so I ordered a Mustang bridge, and by reading reviews and descriptions, I had hope that it's gonna fit my guitar aswell. Next following a problem: It turns out to be that the new bridge has it's "Pillars" to saddle it "in", but my old bridge is the same as on Kurt Cobain's Jaguar, which means that my original bridge is for saddling it "on" and then screwing round things for adjusting the height (I put a link for a picture below) http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream So the reasonable option is to break, and split bridge from it's "pillars", and then saddle it as I saddled my old bridge, or... (danger) fiddle with the guitar body itself. All I know is that I don't want to suverely chip my guitar body, and that some people have actually got more experience than I in guitar repairs and finding solutions for cases. I really need to know a descriptive way of how to put my bridge on. Thanks a lot for reading, and for your possible suggestions.
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