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  1. I am routing it to fit Humbuckers, (SH-4 JB Bridge Humbucker & SH-2 Jazz Model Neck Humbucker) changing the bridge to a Mustang one, or something better ( happy to hear any recommendations ) I’ll be using CTS 1 MEG pots for volume and tone, as well as the Orange Drop Capacitor .047uf ( hopefully this will give it a nice bright tone ? ) will try and make the top switch a Parallel & Series switch, as well as having the coil splits on the bottom switches.. I’d love to hear your opinions on the materials/parts i’m planing on using, and if you have any other suggestions please let me know!
  2. Hey All, Was hoping to get some insight as to what this black platform thing is under the saddle here. It looks like it goes all the way across the bridge and is slightly bigger than the bridge itself. I've only ever been exposed to the two pin style that mounts directly into the body, so I'm not sure if this is a mod or not. Has anyone seen this before? Is it a factory rarity or something? Guitar: Fender Jaguar, made in japan c.1993-1995ish.
  3. I've looking over the internet for an answer to this and can't find any. I was curious how difficult it would be to stick in a p90 (soap bar) into my classic player hh jaguar, and what I would need to do? Also, has anyone else done this yet?
  4. I have a beautiful CIJ jag with Duncan Hot Jag pickups. Unlike a lot of people, I love the rhythm circuit, with its girth, warmth, and output. I do wish I could get slightly more high end from it though, without sacrificing its other qualities; almost like if the tone knob went another 25% higher. Which mod do y’all recommend to achieve that? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I own a Japanese Fender Jaguar which I asked Fender to date for me. They told me it's a 1997 model, but they also said it’s quite unique as the serial number doesn't fall neatly into their set of categories and that I should get it valued. The serial number is “Crafted in Japan V036072” It’s V +6 digits which makes it 1996-97, but it says ‘Crafted in Japan’ which they only began on models A+6 digits from ’97 onwards.https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/214343783-How-can-I-find-out-when-my-Japanese-made-instrument-was-manufactured Would be interesting to know if this unconventional serial number increases the value of the guitar, and what that value would be? Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Hello! When i removed the bridge of my jaguar I found a surprise. how can i remove the rust without ruining the paint? Bo
  7. Hi. I am planning on modding my Surf Green Squire vintage modified jaguar to have 2 4 wire humbuckers, a three way toggle switch, and a coil tap on the neck pickup, however I want to keep the rhythm circuit and low cut switch. (basically similar to a Kurt Cobain jag except only master volume and master tone, neck coil tap, and keeping the low cut switch) I'm 17 and I'm not very good with wiring, also jag wiring is especially confusing. Would anyone be able to help me figure out a wiring diagram for this, or at least help explain it to me? Are there any other mods I should try for this guitar?
  8. Hello everyone. I own a lefty Japanese Jaguar that I bought on second hand many years ago. I like it, the neck seems of good quality but there are some problems that make me think that it's probably a fake or half fake. Here's why: (I'm French so I hope my English is clear enough) On the head there is no string retainer There is just a Fender logo (that is not a sticker) on the head, but nothing else, no "jaguar" mark or something like that. The color of the head and the body are slightly different if you look closely The fret edges seem smooth but on the area where the neck joins the body the neck exceeds a little so the strings are a little to close to the neck and the strings distant from the pick ups I have a lot of problems with the electronic, sometimes there is suddenly no sound at all without a reason. On the plate behind the body there is no Fender logo or F letter The trem arm feels ‘loose’ and often falls when I play Behind the neck the serial number seems ok : crafted in japan serial number Q 039 139. The guitar dater project says Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japanin 1993 - 1994 On the trem plate there is this inscription : Fender PAT #2.972.923 but I can't find anything about this number So when I write all these strange clues it seems obvious it's not the original body with the right neck or just a fake Fender. So what do you think ? Here are some photos of the elements. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hey all, I've had my HH Special for a few years now, and I love everything about it, except for the lack of clarity in the pickups. So I've bought a set of Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid humbuckers. Only issue is, the Fender Dragster pickups that were in the guitar have a thick cable which terminates by splitting into a single output wire, and a bare ground wire. Whereas the 59s terminate by splitting into a red, white, green, black and bare wire. Do I need to just solder together and tape off some of them? Also, the Dragsters are soldered to their pickup covers, but the 59s don't have covers, does this mean I need to find another way to ground them? Thanks in advance
  10. I've been told that stacked single coil pick-ups will reduce hum on my (CIJ) Jaguar. Does anyone have specific stacked single coil recommendations? Thanks!
  11. Hello all, Today I did some mods on my squier vm jaguar. I swapped out the stock tone and volume pots for Fender 250k No-Load pots and put in some Antiquity II's in the bridge and neck. The issue I'm having is that when the rhythm circuit is engaged everything is fine the volume and tone dials are fully responsive. When I engage the lead circuit however, no noise comes out. Literally no noise, static, or feedback. It doesn't matter what combination of switches are engaged on the lead panel. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions!
  12. I have an ‘02–‘04 Crafted in Japan Fender Jaguar. It came with a Tune-o-Matic bridge: the original/standard kind, with 4mm threaded posts and thumbwheels, mounted at a slight diagonal. The threaded posts/studs are screwed directly into the body wood—there are no pots/bushings/thimbles. My question is, what are my options for replacing/upgrading the bridge using the existing posts (i.e. without having new post-holes drilled)? From what i can tell, all the Mastery, Stay-Trem and Mustang options all mount on 6mm posts (+/- thimbles). (For what it’s worth, my main issue with the ToM in the first place is that it makes the action insanely high, even with the bridge set at its lowest height. I tried shimming the neck but it hasn’t helped much, except to also add some fret buzz [which is irritating given how high the strings still are at the high end of the fretboard...] I did already try a tuneomatic-style bridge with roller bridges, which fit perfectly on the existing posts, but the saddles buzz/“plink” badly — I am guessing the diagonal orientation of the bridge posts means that the strings aren’t sitting squarely in the saddle grooves.)
  13. Hi! Im new to the forum, so, sorry if im reviving some old thread... probably yes. Ok, let´s get it started. Im about to begin with my first job (im 17) and im thinking in saving money for a really nice (offset of course) guitar, preferently humbucker-loaded. Here where i live (Argentina) is very rare to see a jagstang. Also cyclones. I dont even knew they existed. Well, the point is, this guy has these two for sale, and i just love them both. I like the jagstang, but i dont want to be seen as a Cobain poser (sorry, im doing some catarsis here). Also love the cyclone because i always wanted a mustang-shaped guitar since i was a kid who prayed to Cobain and Thurston Moore all nights before sleep (joking), but im so WHICH-ONE-SHOULD-I-PICK. My current gear (not fancy, not bad either): AMP: Fender Champion 40 GUITARS: Epiphone Wilshire Reissue, Yamaha Pacifica s102 esquireized PEDAL: Big Muff T/W So, i think that´s all. P.S.: I LOVE nirvana, I LOVE Sonic Youth, Also The Pixies are a great inspiration for me, RHCP, Cage the Elephant, Slaves, Sparklehorse, The Strokes, Jack White, and im forgetting a lot https://http2.mlstatic.com/guitarra-fender-cyclone-mexico-mustan-jaguar-jag-stang-D_NQ_NP_945011-MLA20459776220_102015-F.webp (the 98´CAR Cyclone) The sonic blue 97´ (not reissue) Jagstang Thanks!
  14. As my Squire VM Jaguar got stolen, I'm considering MIJ Traditional 60s or MIM Classic Player for upgrade, but I can't test a Japanese model. According to Japanese Fender website, MIJ stock model are having an ''U Shape'' neck, when most of the other Jaguar stock models like MIM Classic Player or American series are made with ''C Shape'' necks. MIJ Traditional 60s https://ibb.co/ffwxs6 MIM Classic Player https://ibb.co/byics6 American Vintage https://ibb.co/n0W8zm So does it mean MIJ Jag are having a thicker or bigger neck? As a player with small hands, it's considerable to have thinner necks because they are more comfortable to play with. Thanks a lot
  15. Hey brothers and sisters, I have a new KC jaguar. I managed to change the humbuckers height (both) by accident when removing my scratchguard cover. Has anyone heard of the standard Fender settings for these? For example how much should I be able to measure (in MM if possible, sorry USA!) FROM the bottom of my strings to the pickups. Thanks so much! Simon
  16. Hi! I'm new to Jaguar, and I need some help. I've found Fender Jaguar special USA replacement pickups set for sale on a Polish site simmilar to craiglist. I'm not sure about authenticity of this pickups, and the fact that it's rather cheap makes me suspicious. Can anyone help me judge it's credibility just by the way it looks? Thank's a lot in advance!
  17. hello question/observation regarding a Jaguar Modern Player: recently picked up a Jaguar Modern Player with 2 P-90s w/ 1V & 1T controls love the guitar, needs a set up and some tweaks here and there but the craftsmanship seems good overall for an under $500 guitar q: does anyone have a service/wiring diagram for the 2 P-90 w/ 1V 1T controls? obs: seems rather sloppy that Fender put shielding tape on the inside of the v&t control cavity cover but not actually shield any of the cavities any insights mods or links are appreciated KC
  18. I want my SSS Strat to sound more like a jaguar as I'm lefty and can't afford a Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Any advices?
  19. Hello everyone I have a squier jaguar with duncan designed sensors. I want to make a cheap mod pickup. I want to replace the stock magnets with alnico 5 or alnico 2. Tell me whether it is worth it to do? Is there a difference in the diameter of the magnets of the stratocaster pickups?
  20. http://justanotherpunkblogger.tumblr.com/post/158132225931 Hi Folks! In the above picture (assuming it works) you should see my Jag-stang project. It's a Warmoth body with 70's Mustang control plate. I am posting this in the Jaguar forum because of the neck, and my suspicions regarding it's origin. I bought it for a steal, specifically because the seller could no longer definitively prove it's origin. The neck features pearl inlays, black side-fret markers, a single string tree, and vintage neck heel-access truss adjustment. The stamped date has long since been lost in a refinish... and the logo was wiped away. It looks like 70's style F tuners were the original tuning machines for this particular neck. Supposedly the head stock has been reshaped so I cannot, with confidence, use that to determine the neck's original source model. Near as I can tell, I've come across a '65. This was about the time that pearl inlays replaced clay dots, but I cannot be sure because I don't know if Fender delayed putting binding on these same necks until sometime after introducing the pearl inlays. Can anyone shed some like on whether any other guitar model years might fit my neck's description? Please let me know if the link worked, and more pictures of the neck are ready if it did. It is a very old feeling neck, and I am proud to own it regardless of origin, but I would very much like to be certain of where it came from, even if I cannot prove it. Thanks! Grungemaestro
  21. Total Jaguar rookie here. I'm about to start an ambitious '62 Jag rebuild, and looking for any and all advice. First, a little backstory: I got most of my limited guitar skills from a family friend who taught me to play, but who sadly passed away several years ago and left me all of his guitars. A few weeks ago, my dad was helping clear out some of the stuff from his old house when he came across an old beat up guitar body. Before throwing it away, he went to get it checked out. Turns out it was a Jag body, and the serial number on the back plate (in the 78,000 range) dates it as a '62. It needs a TON of work. Wood: There is a little section of wood chipped off above the neck pickup hole. It looks like the original neck was snapped off. I'll have to glue this back, but it should be OK since it will end up beneath the pick guard anyway. There are also lots of dings and scratches, but luckily most of them are under the pick guard. The parts that will be exposed look a little worn but still pretty good. It's hard to tell what the wood is like under all the paint, however. Paint: It looks like this guitar was spray painted. Like cheap Walmart spray paint. It needs a full stripping, and repainting from scratch. I'm thinking I'll go for a 3-color sunburst like Fender used to put on these. Anybody have good experiences with paint shops? Electronics and hardware: I plan to purchase the components and re-wire it myself, with mostly Fender re-issue parts for now. Any recommendations on pickups? Neck: Finding an original '62 neck is difficult to say the least, so I'll probably use a re-issue neck too unless I can find a decent original neck by some miracle. I'm sure people on this site have done a ton of rebuilds like this. I want this guitar to be playable, and look and sound great, so that is my priority instead of doing a complete original parts rebuild. I would love some advice to help me along the way, so I can get this poor old Jag back in action! I'll take photos as I go, and post them if anybody is interested. Any help is appreciated!
  22. Hi, I stumbled across this one this morning and it's less than half the price of the new, but I really want a Jaguar. Can you spot anything suspicious that might say that it's fake? I wrote to Fender about it, but I thought to consult more people who are more experienced than me. To me it seems genuine and it contains the papers too, so it's unlikely to be stolen. Thanks, Bandi
  23. Hi, I thought I would be very clever by fitting a set of Fender '62 AVRI pickups in my 50th Anniversary Jaguar. Problem is when both pickups are active they're out of phase and don't hum cancel either. I've head I can wire the hot side to ground and black wire to the switching section. Suppose that works, I would still be left with hum. Anybody know if the '62 pickups are RW/RP or not? TBH I'm already disappointed to how they sound as is aside from the hum & phasing. The Special Design Hot Pickup which comes as stock on the 50th anniversary sound better than the '62 which are dry & colorless. Disappointed with what I thought would be an upgrade actually turns out to be a massive downgrade.
  24. Was wondering if anyone could help , i have a 94 Japanese jag, was wondering what kind of single coil dimarzio super distortion would fit into my jaguar. Have had sjag 3 , bare knuckles in the bridge , put none good enough to keep up with the Russian big muff etc many help would be great
  25. I've finally got some time to get round to fixing up my Jag. I got it as a gift for my 18th birthday, (im 30 now so its been kicking about in this state for awhile) the dings were there when i got it. I didn't care as its all my folks could afford at the time and i was still over the moon with it. I'm looking for a few pointers for restoring the finish initially. As you can see its had a fair old whack to the back of the body, going right into the wood. I'd like to keep it sunburst if possible, but if that proves too difficult then a single colour would be fine. Also, I'm thinking of overhauling the electrics completely. Id like to put in a seymore duncan jb/59 combo for the pickups, and simplify the switches and volume/tone knobs. I'll never sell it so I'm not bothered about it losing value, id just like to have it set up the way i want it and to have it looking presentable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure this has been done many times before so if theres any threads, posts, articles etc, that you could point me in the direction of, i think that would be a good start. Pics to follow...
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