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Found 4 results

  1. I have a fender 1969 reissue mustang in white and I would like to get it painted in Sonic blue. Does anyone know where to get some, I am looking for the same sonic blue that Kurt Cobain's mustang was in.
  2. Hi. I am planning on modding my Surf Green Squire vintage modified jaguar to have 2 4 wire humbuckers, a three way toggle switch, and a coil tap on the neck pickup, however I want to keep the rhythm circuit and low cut switch. (basically similar to a Kurt Cobain jag except only master volume and master tone, neck coil tap, and keeping the low cut switch) I'm 17 and I'm not very good with wiring, also jag wiring is especially confusing. Would anyone be able to help me figure out a wiring diagram for this, or at least help explain it to me? Are there any other mods I should try for this guitar?
  3. Hi, I recently found a Kurt Cobain Mustang on buymusicstudio.com for $691! I need help from anyone who knows if that site is safe to buy from. If you can help, Thanks.? http://www.buymusicstudio.com/products/Fender-Kurt-Cobain-Mustang-%2d-Sonic-Blue.html
  4. Hey guys, I recently purchased a Kurt Cobain mustang in LPB. I decided to go with this one because it already had the TOM and and the body had already been routed for a humbucker in the bridge. But now Im thinking of putting a humbucker in the neck too. I'm thinking of going with a TV Jones classic in the neck and keeping the Duncan JB in the bridge (for now anyways) My question is other than routing the body and replacing the pick guard, is there anything else I will need to do? Anybody on here ever put a filtertron in a mustang? Also can I leave the neck humbucker at an angle or do I need to have it straight? Any help would be great guys. Thanks - TR
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