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Found 1 result

  1. I have a 65' reissue Jaguar from 98', I got it from a big time producer who said many people who went through his studio played it and its been in a movie (he wouldnt tell me who or what movie, i tried). I got this guitar when i was about 17 and i begged this guy to drop his price and i told him how much of a fan i am of the guitar and i was a HUGE NIRVANA FAN at the time (still am but not as obsessed). Anyway he said that money isnt a huge issue and hed rather have it go to someone who would appreciate it and so i got it pretty cheap. When i took it home and started playing with it i loved it, everything i ever wanted but the set up was a little off. I looked up some set ups and bridge replacements and decided to take my Tune-O-Matic off of my Epiphone and put it on my jag, this fixed the buzz problem and the string height and stuff but it still wasnt perfect. I put the guitar to the side for awhile and for the longest time still couldnt get over not being able to have a bridge cover haha. After about a year i decided to take it to a guitar tech. I took it to Sacramento because im not a huge fan of the Roseville guitar tech (total douche he set it up once and told me it was a waste of time and the Jaguar was Fenders retarded creation). So i went to Sacramento and I met this tech named Larry and he told me he will work on any guitar he loves a challenge. He was awesome i left it with him for a week and he took the neck off and put spacers to adjust it right and he put a new tree on the headstock for the D and G string (the G string always popped out of the string nut). He man this thing an amazing feeling guitar and it even noticably sounds good, ive done plenty of business with him and he is a very cool tech and he will talk to you for hours about guitars and pickups and he knows his sh*t. He doesnt only work on your guitar but tells you what hes doing and why so you can learn how to fix it next time or help someone else. I have caught him on a bad day before (he was slammed with work and a little irritated) but any other time he is the coolest dude ever, figured i'd let you all know since i know alot of people have problems with set up. He said that he would perfer i kept original bridge because he likes the design and can fix anything!
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