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Found 7 results

  1. I've finally got some time to get round to fixing up my Jag. I got it as a gift for my 18th birthday, (im 30 now so its been kicking about in this state for awhile) the dings were there when i got it. I didn't care as its all my folks could afford at the time and i was still over the moon with it. I'm looking for a few pointers for restoring the finish initially. As you can see its had a fair old whack to the back of the body, going right into the wood. I'd like to keep it sunburst if possible, but if that proves too difficult then a single colour would be fine. Also, I'm thinking of overhauling the electrics completely. Id like to put in a seymore duncan jb/59 combo for the pickups, and simplify the switches and volume/tone knobs. I'll never sell it so I'm not bothered about it losing value, id just like to have it set up the way i want it and to have it looking presentable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure this has been done many times before so if theres any threads, posts, articles etc, that you could point me in the direction of, i think that would be a good start. Pics to follow...
  2. http://imgur.com/a/jT7LY i bought this Mustang look a like from some guy a few weeks ago but i wanna mod it already. the switches on the wing are not the mustang type wings. they are just on/off switches. i want to buy mustang switches to get the out of phase sound you get from mustang when you set it to that setting. the problem is that i dont know if it would work or if the mustang is built in a unique way to support the switches out of phase setting.
  3. Hey, I'm new to modding guitars and I'm getting a squier jaguar soon that I want to change up. The most common comment I see about the jaguar is that its rhythm circuit is only useful for certain things like the woman tone. I feel like the rhythm circuit would be so much more useful and versatile if you could switch between pickups while it was activated. This could allow for an outrageous amount of tones from one guitar, and my idea is putting in a Gibson-style three way toggle as part of the rhythm circuit, and keeping the lead circuit wired-up with the three selector-switches and the hi-pass. If you're worried about signal/tone being lost due to more being put in the way of the original signal, I suppose you could wire up the lead circuit with a toggle switch instead of the selectors and keep the hi-pass switch. Due to not having done any of this stuff before, I'm here to see if this is actually possible; if there would be substantial signal/tone loss; and how one would go about wiring all of that up. Thanks!
  4. Hello Jag-stang forums! This is my first post! YAAAYAYAYAY!Y!Y!Y!Y Anyways, I recently traded my Fender Jazzmaster for a 2008 MIM Fender Jaguar because I like the shorter scale better, being I have relatively small hands. Here's a couple pics of the Jaguar. I just have a few questions, I am a n00b when it comes to setting up, inotating, etc on a guitar. I got this guitar because I wanted to make it my own, and I have a few plans for mods in the future, whether the rescourses here help me learn how to do them myself, or whether I pay a tech to do it is still up in the air. I don't like fudging things up. But here are some of the things concerning me about this guitar aswell as some mods I have planned, the main thing I'm trying to do today is get this things set up right so I can get to know her better and let her tear up my Fender Super Sonic for the day. First off, the action is really low, which I like a lot, however there is a slight buzz that you can hear acoustically, but it doesn't come through on the amp. Now before you say "Install a buzzstop!" it isn't coming from behind the bridge or near the bridge, it is because the action is so low. This only happens past the 7th fret on certain random frets, no fret wire sits higher than the others, it's all pretty even so I know it's not that. My question is, how should I go about fixing this issue, the guitar has a tune-0-matic bridge I believe? So I was wondering if I should fix the problem from there, or from a neck adjustment, although the neck looks like it is fairly straight. Another question I have, CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THESE #### SWITCHES TO ME? lol. Also, from the picture of the neck pocket area, it's hard to see but it looks like there is a crack, from upclose it looks like a piece of hair, and when I unboxed it I actually thought it was and tried to take it off, but it wasn't. I am planning on repainting this guitar white when I upgrade several other things, can any of you tell if this is a crack in the finish or the if it is deeper and therefore a problem? Last but not least, some of the mods I have planned include Jaguar Mastery Bridge Curtis Novak Lipstick Pickups Switching the three switch area to a telecaster style toggle switch Thanks for the help Jag-stang forums! I registered over at offsetguitar forums but it seems I have to wait a while for a administrator to approve of me. Also, it would be really appreciated if some of you more experience guys could give me a few tips on how to set up and proberly maintain a jaguar.
  5. So I just got my first Jaguar. I got a vintage modified squier one because I got it durring a big sale, have always wanted a jaguar, & plan on doing a lot of work to it to make it my own. I know I need to switch the tremolo system for a locking one and I guess get it all set up. Anything anyone on here would suggest to me to do it (other than the "don't get a squier" comment) to get it to the best jaguar it can be?
  6. I have a 65' reissue Jaguar from 98', I got it from a big time producer who said many people who went through his studio played it and its been in a movie (he wouldnt tell me who or what movie, i tried). I got this guitar when i was about 17 and i begged this guy to drop his price and i told him how much of a fan i am of the guitar and i was a HUGE NIRVANA FAN at the time (still am but not as obsessed). Anyway he said that money isnt a huge issue and hed rather have it go to someone who would appreciate it and so i got it pretty cheap. When i took it home and started playing with it i loved it, everything i ever wanted but the set up was a little off. I looked up some set ups and bridge replacements and decided to take my Tune-O-Matic off of my Epiphone and put it on my jag, this fixed the buzz problem and the string height and stuff but it still wasnt perfect. I put the guitar to the side for awhile and for the longest time still couldnt get over not being able to have a bridge cover haha. After about a year i decided to take it to a guitar tech. I took it to Sacramento because im not a huge fan of the Roseville guitar tech (total douche he set it up once and told me it was a waste of time and the Jaguar was Fenders retarded creation). So i went to Sacramento and I met this tech named Larry and he told me he will work on any guitar he loves a challenge. He was awesome i left it with him for a week and he took the neck off and put spacers to adjust it right and he put a new tree on the headstock for the D and G string (the G string always popped out of the string nut). He man this thing an amazing feeling guitar and it even noticably sounds good, ive done plenty of business with him and he is a very cool tech and he will talk to you for hours about guitars and pickups and he knows his sh*t. He doesnt only work on your guitar but tells you what hes doing and why so you can learn how to fix it next time or help someone else. I have caught him on a bad day before (he was slammed with work and a little irritated) but any other time he is the coolest dude ever, figured i'd let you all know since i know alot of people have problems with set up. He said that he would perfer i kept original bridge because he likes the design and can fix anything!
  7. So I've been hunting for a jazzmaster for quite some time now (being a lefty makes it almost impossible) mostly for the trem system. I don't really like playing with the mustang trem all too much; it's too loose in my opinion (the whammy bar wobbles around too much) and I'm trying to do that whole shoegaze glide strumming thing. Also, the bar itself sits too low for me to strum comfortably, so I'm gonna try it with a JM bar first before deciding.. Has anyone done this? How expensive would it be? Would it ruin the guitar? If it ruins the guitar, I'm not gonna bother with it. I'd rather look for a jazzmaster if that's the case.
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