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Found 1 result

  1. Hey folks. The last couple of months I've tried to find a good low/mid gain pedal for my Jaguar og Casino. My Jaguar is a Japan model from 1991 and the Casino is the expensive Elitist version with Gibson P90's. I've earlier used a Boss Blues Driver. Is sounded fine with the Jag, but for some reason it sounded so trebly with my casino. Later I found out some of the trebly sounds came from a bad buffer in my T Rex Tremster, so I removed it. It helped, but it still didn't really have the clarified and smooth drive sound I wanted. It was okay with the jag, but I thought I needed a really high quality low/mid gain pedal that I really loved, instead of one that was okay. Since the Casino is a really good guitar that is known for being good with clean and crunchy drive, I decided to get rid of the Blues Driver. So I bought a Weehbo Plexdrive, that sounded really transparent and smooth, judging by the demo from Prymaxe. But when I got it and started to use it, it sounded a little to thin and spikey which isn't good with an already surfy, spikey jaguar tone and fairly bright Casino. It has a more clear drive than the Blues Driver and not as crackly and muddy, which is good, but it simply has to little lows. So I'm asking you guys out there if any of you have a drive pedal that sounds really good with a Jag or a Casino Elitist?? My rig (in the row it is set up): Korg Tuner -- Fulltone 69' fuzz -- Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver -- 3Xfx Fatman -- Weehbo Plexdrive -- Proco RAT (USA) -- Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus -- EHX Small Stone (russian) -- EHX Cathedral Reverb -- Fender Twin Reverb 65' Reissue. Some of you might suggest that I use the Interstellar Overdriver instead. But from my experience with it, it simply lacks clarity and is to fat sounding to use it as my main drive. As you can see all my pedals are true bypass except for the Small Stone and Cathedral. I have been testing if it's the buffer in those pedals that are the reason for the trebly sounds the comes frem my Plexdrive, but it is not. They change the tone a little but not very much! Feel free to suggest all those great drive pedals you've tried with your Jag or Casino! Thank you !
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