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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, it's about my beloved 1995 Jag-Stang... I managed to swap stock humbucker with DiMarzio DP100. As I hoped sounds are way better ! To solder my DP100, I used the attached wiring diagram. It's kind of good but not perfect. With this diagram, switches works almost as expected, except with switch 1 on bridge position + switch 2 on series position, which works as "off pickup position" (no sound). I want to use this "off position" to make "out of phase" sound (all other positions have to stay "in phase"), but I can't find anywhere how to do. Any help can bee provided will be greatly appreciated :))))))) Thanks for reading. Cheers.
  2. Was wondering if anyone could help , i have a 94 Japanese jag, was wondering what kind of single coil dimarzio super distortion would fit into my jaguar. Have had sjag 3 , bare knuckles in the bridge , put none good enough to keep up with the Russian big muff etc many help would be great
  3. SO! what have you done to change your gear? I've changed my trusty Squier Jagmaster (my workhorse, sunburst) to having tele style knobs, had to change all the internal wiring since I somehow managed to snap all of the wires, and replaced the bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Super Distortion (creme) and this has played at every show I've done, including places like Disneyland, The Cavern, the Royal Albert Hall..the list goes on, but even though its honestly abeaten up, cheap P.O.S, I love it to death and the tone from it is KILLER! I'm also getting my 62 RI Jaguar (CARed) modded a fair bit since my trusty squier is beginning to die after 5 years of hardcore abuse. I picked this up from my favourite store, and some guy bought it for like £800 and had it for A DAY and played it once, decided he didnt like it and traded it back in, so I came down after christmas about 2 years ago and managed to pick it up for about £390 with all the case candy, the film still on, and all the other junk. SCORE! ANYWAY, thats the story, but now onto the main subject, modding. I've just recently sent it off for a couple of mods. - Its getting 250k pots installed (it has 1meg) since I hate the on/off feel it has at the moment with no sweep -a new pickguard (I believe its gonna be white mother of pearl or something), -a toggle switch installed (similar to the KC model) since the switches are hard to change at speed, -and its being routed in the bridge for a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash humbucker I picked up when visiting family in Canada for $120 since frankly, I hate the single coil in it, yet the neck is perfect to me. Although I may get another Super Distortion since its worked out pretty good for me in my jagmaster. I'm also contemplating changing the tuning pegs to Grovers and all the chrome hardware to a gold colour (it has gold straplocks and the colours matched pretty good) I'd also be pretty interested in a red/black burst or something. I'll put some pictures up when I get it back! now its your go
  4. Hi I recently got a 94' MIJ Fender Mustang and I love it. My main problems with it are the 2 three way slider toggles at the top and the inherent hum that comes with the single coils. I'm not a big fan of the in and out of phase settings either. Love the sound and feel of the main settings though. My ideas for making this guitar more suitable to my style are as follows: 1) switch the stock pups with Dimarzio Cruiser bridge pickups to remove the hum 2) remove the 3 way toggle from the area closer to neck and replace it with a master tone wheel 3) modify the wiring so that the remaining toggle acts as hi pass off/hi pass 1/hi pass 2 4) further modify the wiring so that each knob acts as a volume control for each pickup Just wanted to know what people think of this setup. I am quite sold on the Dimarzio Cruiser (bridge) being put into the neck position of the guitar but am open to ideas for another pickup in the bridge. If I can find another hum cancelling pickup for the bridge that is brighter than the cruiser I would prefer that. With the two pickup volume knobs however, i believe you could limit the hum even with single coils by leaving the desired pickup at full volume and the other at a minimal volume. I may be wrong though. Also I am interested in the sound that SD Invaders produce... does anyone know of a hum cancelling pickup that sounds close to a SD Invader?? Hoping to find that womping bite at high gain. Hopefully this gives other people ideas on ways to modify their mustangs without having to reroute for a humbucker in order to get rid of the buzz. Also, I hope the idea to replace the toggle by the neck with a tone wheel is well liked too as that toggle tends to get in the way. Cheers
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