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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys! I've got a Fender mustang competition from 1972.? When I bought the guitar there was no tremolo arm. I bought a new one online, which fits on a '65, but it doesn't fit.... (https://www.thomann.de/nl/fender_mustang_tremarm.htm) I measured the parts: the tremolo arm is close to Ø5mm (around Ø4,95mm), the bridge hole is around Ø4,7mm. Is the hole size correct, or should it be Ø5mm? Or do I need a thinner arm? Hope someone can help me. Greetings, Willem
  2. I recently picked up this 64 Fender Mustang and I am hoping it is what I think it is - any opinions welcome! It is a slab body, its been refinished - potentially could have been Daphne Blue before. Neck date is rubbed off but I can make out OCT - October month but can't see a year - it does have clay dots though and looks right (except the headstock was painted to match the body) Pretty sure the tremelo is original and the tuners. Its been routed weird - an extra route added between the control area and the bridge pickup - I assume that wasn't a factory thing to do - it is fitted with Noiseless pickups so I assume it was rerouted when those were put in. https://goo.gl/photos/BaqLXKKSzCuUxTHv7
  3. I couldnt find a decent video or forum post anywhere so i decided to post this and figure it out as i went along. you may ask why do this mod? increased sustain was what i was after and i was shocked to find it greatly increased after this mod. the hardest thing about this whole mod is removing the tremolo springs... i used a flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers for that. we will talk about washer sizes later in the post. things you will need : new strings, possibly needle nose pliers, 4 metal washers, philips head screw driver (5/32), flat head screw driver(any size) hex wrench (3/32) first start by removing all screws... ignore the two spring post in the photo This is where the hard part comes in. my only advice is using a flat head screw driver and pry them off the posts that way. or if you have no need for them ever again, use a saw or file to cut the springs off Here is everything you will need for the next step. i cannot stress this enough that you will need 4 washers, two on each post that used to connect the springs. one on each post isnt sufficient and will result in an non stable, still moving back and forward cigar tube. now put the posts back where they belong on the plate and add two washers on each post. washer size isnt important as long as they fit over the post and dont leave too much wiggle room between post and washer. at this point you will attach the cigar tube to the post. you will want to flip the tube in a way you can sting through the tube instead of having to wrap strings around it. the washers sit under the cigar tube and above the plate. so in between the two. you will use your hex key to tighten the posts to the tube and this will lock them tight and there will not be any movement what so ever! now you can put the unit back in place, attach it back to the body with your screws. strings will go through the tube like so. A side view of what it looks like between the bridge and cigar tube
  4. Greetings. I decided to pickup this mustang after browsing the internet for a competition orange for awhile, and couldnt find one. the beck mustang seemed to be what i was after... I bought this off of ebay japan from a guy named greatjapaneseguy... ehh hes not all that great. he never replied to any of my emails lol plus the tremolo bar and bridge cover is missing... but i honestly do feel like this is a brand new guitar. ive bought many new guitars in my time and this one seems legit... new like he stated. serial number dates to 2011 but i believe it was never taken out of the protective bubble wrap... i should also say ive been playing for close to 20 years and this is my 7th or 8th mustang. my fourth japanese mustang. overall im very impressed. sounds amazing and looks lovely as you can tell. ive seen a guy on shortscale.com post pictures of his on there but since they already know what it looks like... i decided to post mine here. one of the cleanest guitars ive ever seen while looking under the pickguard. i immediately did a examination of the guitar, changed strings, conditioned the fretboard. no set up needed. so yes punctuation isnt great. im typing this in a hurry. I just wanted to show to people who are thinking about buying one. if you have questions i will try to answer them. fairly deep contour
  5. Hello guitar friends, I just got my first Fender guitar today. I must say I like it and I swapped it for an old guitar I didn't use. I know absolutely nothing about it. Is there an expert in here which can tell me: 1) When is it made? 2) What is this one officially named? 3) What gear in on it? 4) What wood are used? 5) Is it considered as a piece of s*** or how would you rate it? Now some pictures:
  6. Hi I recently got a 94' MIJ Fender Mustang and I love it. My main problems with it are the 2 three way slider toggles at the top and the inherent hum that comes with the single coils. I'm not a big fan of the in and out of phase settings either. Love the sound and feel of the main settings though. My ideas for making this guitar more suitable to my style are as follows: 1) switch the stock pups with Dimarzio Cruiser bridge pickups to remove the hum 2) remove the 3 way toggle from the area closer to neck and replace it with a master tone wheel 3) modify the wiring so that the remaining toggle acts as hi pass off/hi pass 1/hi pass 2 4) further modify the wiring so that each knob acts as a volume control for each pickup Just wanted to know what people think of this setup. I am quite sold on the Dimarzio Cruiser (bridge) being put into the neck position of the guitar but am open to ideas for another pickup in the bridge. If I can find another hum cancelling pickup for the bridge that is brighter than the cruiser I would prefer that. With the two pickup volume knobs however, i believe you could limit the hum even with single coils by leaving the desired pickup at full volume and the other at a minimal volume. I may be wrong though. Also I am interested in the sound that SD Invaders produce... does anyone know of a hum cancelling pickup that sounds close to a SD Invader?? Hoping to find that womping bite at high gain. Hopefully this gives other people ideas on ways to modify their mustangs without having to reroute for a humbucker in order to get rid of the buzz. Also, I hope the idea to replace the toggle by the neck with a tone wheel is well liked too as that toggle tends to get in the way. Cheers
  7. Hey does any one know the output levels of the stock pickups in a mustang? I can't find info anywhere. Mine is a CIJ from the md 90s if that makes any difference. Thanks
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