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Found 6 results

  1. Hey All, Was hoping to get some insight as to what this black platform thing is under the saddle here. It looks like it goes all the way across the bridge and is slightly bigger than the bridge itself. I've only ever been exposed to the two pin style that mounts directly into the body, so I'm not sure if this is a mod or not. Has anyone seen this before? Is it a factory rarity or something? Guitar: Fender Jaguar, made in japan c.1993-1995ish.
  2. hello question/observation regarding a Jaguar Modern Player: recently picked up a Jaguar Modern Player with 2 P-90s w/ 1V & 1T controls love the guitar, needs a set up and some tweaks here and there but the craftsmanship seems good overall for an under $500 guitar q: does anyone have a service/wiring diagram for the 2 P-90 w/ 1V 1T controls? obs: seems rather sloppy that Fender put shielding tape on the inside of the v&t control cavity cover but not actually shield any of the cavities any insights mods or links are appreciated KC
  3. I bought a Jaguar about 4-5 months ago. The seller was open about the guitar and stated he believed it to be a Japan made guitar. The electronics worked and I was looking for my first jaguar, so I was not concerned. The headstock logo has no serial numbers on it and it say .....tremelo. The original kluson type tuners were changed to F tuners. At the base of the neck where it meets the body, there is a discoloration, under the finish, which makes it looke like it may have been a CIJ or MIJ type sticker that had been removed. To emphasize, the finish is not disturbed and the discoloration is below the finish. It weighs 8.3 pounds and has a thick body. I got curious and took the neck off. At the end of the neck it states "1 NOV 64 B" and in the neck pocket there is an ink 64--- clearly visible. As I said above, the headstock logo has no patent numbers, etc., but it looks original and the finish is just fine. I have not removed the pickguard to look at the electronics. I am somewhat of a novice and thought I would check with a forum like this for ideas, before proceeding. Thanks.
  4. I'm not liking the taper on the volume pot of the lead circuit of my CIJ jaguar, so thought I'd try a different brand, or maybe a linear taper (let's not start a discussion of linear vs log right now). But I can not for the life of me find anyone selling jaguar parts. I ended up getting a 1 meg pot and then realised that the jag pots are tiny and grown up pots won't fit. Any idea where I can get either Fender pots or pots that would fit? I tried all parts, wd music, axesrus, ebay, amazon and came up with nothing.
  5. Decided to use my Tom Petty mimicing to actually cover a song haha didnt come out half bad. https://soundcloud.com/travisbishop-1/learning-to-fly-tom-petty
  6. Hello all. New to forum and new VM Jag owner here. Recently made a recording of an original surf rock tune called Shark Bait with the Jag. Wrote it together with my kids who also perform in the vid. I think I achieved a nice surf tone with the Jag. Hope you agree. Happy to share any other recording info if anyone is interested. Thanks for watching! http://youtu.be/q5k56gqGpzM
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