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Found 5 results

  1. So, I am trying to build a mustang with the same specs that Kurt's had at the 1993 show at the Roseland Ballroom. I was wondering if he used at JB JR, Hot rails or did he just use a JB Humbucker?
  2. Hello everyone I have a squier jaguar with duncan designed sensors. I want to make a cheap mod pickup. I want to replace the stock magnets with alnico 5 or alnico 2. Tell me whether it is worth it to do? Is there a difference in the diameter of the magnets of the stratocaster pickups?
  3. I recently bought a MIM Jaguar Special HH. Its a cool guitar with good tone and i'm happy with it except for two things: - The strings behind the bridge buzz but i've ordered a Buzzstop so i hope this works. Any opinions on this? - I'd like to replace one of the Humbuckers to have the option of a more solid rock (even metal) sound. Any suggestions for this change? thanks for your help
  4. Long story shor: I was replacing the stock "Duncan Designed" pickup covers and switching them for Fender Aged White ones. To my surprise the stock pickup covers were glued on. The neck pup cover came off without too much trouble, however, the bridge pup was damaged in the process. I took it to my local tech and he says the coil is damaged and recommends getting a new pickup vs rewinding them. Honestly the stock bridge pup (Model JM-101B) was just a little to shrill for my personal taste. I could get an ok tone when rolling the tone knob down but then switching between pickups is a pain in
  5. Everyone I'm trying to rebuild the Jagstang if it were to have the best parts. A Jagstag we wish they would make This is what I have done so far CTS Left Handed 250K Audio Pot Switchcraft White On-Off-On Slide Switch Copper Shielding Tape Cloth Wire Kit Switchcraft #11 Gold 1/4" Input Jack .047 MFD 600V Orange Drop Capacitors Real Texas single Special pickup USA dimarzio pickup H-8 the last thing I need to do is get and I don't have is real mustang knobs (the ones that come with are too small and dont fit the pots shaft
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