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Found 1 result

  1. I'm really GASing for a Mustang right now I've always wanted a mustang ever since I laid eyes on a 69 competition in the Teen Spirit video, I love the way it looks, and one of my favourite musicians used one too, so I really wanted one. I'm split between getting a KC competition signature simply for the stripe (shame about the non matching headstock though) or just picking up something else instead. I've never played a mustang, only ever seen one in a store. I own a Jaguar instead and I really like the neck, are they similar? oh, plus I'm also enquiring about a Custom Shop Mustang of a customised 69 competition and should get a quote around wedesday at the latest. I'm trying to get the price down a bit since essentially all I want is a different paint job haha. I hope it works. I asked for a quote on " a replica of a 1969 Competition Mustang in Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock with just 'Fender' in cream, not 'Fender Mustang' (like lefty models) and with a black hot rail in the bridge and 250k pots, so essentially a standard mustang with vintage replica paint job " - Im thinking of sending them my jaguar neck and having that insteadg If it doesnt cost too much (it wouldnt make sense if it did just for paint haha) then I'll get one and will officially have the first USA mustang in over 30 years win. HOWEVER, if I decide not to get it, what would you recommend in the way of Mustangs? I like the practicality of the KC's with the low profile switches and humbucker, but struggling to justify the pricetag for essentially a standard mustang with a humbucker. what would you do? do you think its worth it?
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