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Found 4 results

  1. So I decided to take my old JS back to wood and refinish it and while I was at it, invest in a few (okay more than a few) upgrades. The finish was a saga. I started with Wudtone’s ‘Lady Teal’ but I wanted solid colour and that was really the wrong finish for that task. I then tried Nitro in ‘Lake Placid Blue’ but with zero margin for error and an expensive lesson in how important following the instructions regarding temperature is, this was also a fail (barely, but a fail). The final finish I laid straight over the nitro. I used Dulux Duramax ‘Dark Blue Metallic’ enamel. It came out really well. I’m happy with it anyway. The upgrades include Hipshot, locking-nut, vintage tuners; Mastery bridge; pickups (Dimarzio Area 67 in the neck, and an SD P-rails in the bridge); ToneShaper Mustang wiring kit (swapped in a linear pot for the tone); neck plate; hardtailed the tremolo; and re-shielded the cavities. My wiring needs a tweak as I’m only getting the 67 to work, but I’ll do that in due course. My kids were able to present me with it this morning for my birthday. ? https://www.dropbox.com/sc/67sc47lnf2v32fi/AACbgAnp40XssAxfAQOc0UZea
  2. Hi guys, new here but have had my stang for a few years now. Just had a full fret level and setup but the finishing touches need to be added. Unfortunately one of the tuners is going loose and duff and needs replacing. my question is would these be a suitable replacement and i prefer locking machines for easy string changed and it may help the dreadful trem system a bit. . They fit fender vintage style so im guessing I would be good to go https://www.thomann.de/gb/kluson_mlv6ln_nickel.htm Cheers in advance if anyone can help.
  3. So the tuners on my 1965 Mustang are pretty tough to turn. I watched a video on how to clean and lube them up: http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Guitar_Tuning_Machine_Installation_and_Repair_Inform/How_to_clean_and_lube_dirty_old_guitar_tuners.html and ordered all of the stuff to do it Then I went back to the guitar and figured out that, duh, the tuners on this model don’t have the holes to drip in the naphtha and lube. The question is, how do I clean these out? Can they be opened? I jiggled the peg around a bit, but did not want to force it.
  4. my tuners are in desperate need of replacement due to it being abused by the previous owner. they are wore out bad. my question is will the fender model number 099-2040-000 fit it ... i need this info ASAP
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