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hey, I recently acquired an epiphone sg jr. from the late 90's with a single p-90. I want to use it as my back up guitar, so I ordered a knock off bigsby to install on it. what I need to know is, does the placement behind the bridge of the bigsby trem, have any affect on the intonation (or anything of the sorts) on the guitar? any info would be a big help, thanks

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yeah, Sg's are really neck-heavy, so in theory the bigsby should even it out. also, it wouldnt effect intonation because (correct me if im wrong) the strings still go over the tune-o-matics, or whatever bridge is there, and the bigsby is just a tremelo system.

anyway, good luck with it - when they stay in tune, bigsbys are sweet

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when they stay in tune, bigsbys are sweet

yeah, if he buys a cheap bigsby its very unlikely that it will stay in tune. thats a problem with almost all cheap bigsbys.

you may have some trouble putting the strings on at first cause its a bit confusing.

btw, how did you get an epiphone sg jg with p90s? older model?

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