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sorry guys im only 14 price doesnt matter!!!


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well thanks for helping oh yeah thanks for being dicks also insulting me because i share the same common interests with you....thats is so infantile! I did not know there was a seperate section!!!! and no i should not be beat i have a job!

Chill out... Your age isn't good enough excuse for this bull####, which is far more infantile than the replies you got. I guess nobody can value your thanks very much if you call people here dicks in the same sentence! :roll: Some people actually answered to you, do you think they're dicks too? You should read a bit on a new forum before posting, to know where and how to post. If you stomp on the forum rules, you will get angry answers. Or if not, your post will be ignored and deleted.

You were asking for the replies you got. Sonicdefiance told you EBay is the best place to find what you're looking for. OMG, he used the word "crap" on your post! Big deal. If you say price doesn't matter, OF COURSE someone offers his guitar for 1000 or 100 000 bucks. Who wouldn't? Malik got a good point about the location.. I WILL sell my Jag-Stang here in Finland for 1500 Euros if you want it, but it's a (right-handed) fiesta red 1996 (Fender 50th anniversary etc..) with JB stuffed as bridge pup so I guess it's no good to you. The price is high because I like the guitar and I'm not planning to sell it, but with a high enough price, I of course will take the money and use it then to buy e.g. a 70s US Stratocaster.

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my Jag-stang is on sale for only Euros,if you want send me money to my post bank.


seriosly holly3659 , why you want an jag-stang

like neck ? liked shape ??? , or you want be kurtzz ?

Ready for Painhead ? , its dont sounds like nirvana

Got money ? live in usa ?

Do Enchanced Jag-stang

can request an Warmoth

http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/bodies/mo ... n=jagstang

http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/necks/nec ... ustang_cbs

Sugestion :

Alder Body , Curves Forearm , Backarm

Sonic Blue ... lol

Neck Pickup : Seymour Duncan SSL-1/SSL-2/SSL-3 or Fender Texas Especial if want one like kurtzzz one , do angled pickup

Bridge Pickup : Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB , request Straight pickup

Mustang Bridge and tremolo , try found an Fender mustang tremolo

and follow Mad Mike Settup , http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14552

and no you dont need T.o.m to stay stable

jag-stang plate and pickguard Pearloid

2 Slide Switch (on-off-on) , white , try found CTS or Switchcraft

2 500k CTS Potenciometers , .47 Spague Orange Drop capacitor Premium line

Vintage style wire


Quartsaw Mapple , Rosewood or Brasilian Rosewood scale its depend how much you can use , Clear gloss , side dot

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Congrats an Squier can Have more tone than your ####

Stupid stereotypic debating again. Can you measure if an instrument has more or less tone? Isn't it all just about if it's good for you/your music? So there's nothing to debate for.

EDIT: Jag-Stang is really a fairly good guitar. It's not a PRS, but hey, it costs maybe 1/3 or less of a PRS. Jag-Stang is still a Fender. Japanese Fenders are generally better than the Mexican ones. What about no-name Stratocaster copies etc? My friend started playing guitar with a 150

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if price really doesnt matter, and you want the real thing in perfect shape, just wait til one comes up on ebay. I think I was 13 or 14 when I got my jag-stang (since then, I've sold it) its not a bad guitar for playing around with, but it can be a technical pain in the ass. I also paid a considerable lower price for my jag as well, before they got astronomical in price... 250 or 300 U.S. dollars. in mint condition.

oh well, good luck getting your dream guitar or whatever it may be

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Japanese Fenders are generally better than the Mexican ones.

But not when it's a Jag-Stang. :roll:

Well I haven't ever played a mexican Fender so I'm just repeating what I've heard... But it's hard to believe that the Jag-Stang would be so much worse than other japanese Fenders, why could that be? Intentionally? ("Lets make those grunge guitars really crappy 'cos we don't like grunge!") :shock::lol:

I don't see (or hear) any difference in quality, I had a japanese Stratocaster years ago.

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