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Show me the Jag

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yeah. i hope there will be a cij version.

no chance in hell, it's fun to pretend though. come to think about it, getting any other jazzmaster (that includes the AV) and refinishing it would probably turn out cheaper than whatever his sig jazzy is going to be.

how many CHEAP signature fenders you seen?

how many signature jazzies you seen?

cheap signature jazzy?

i guess fender japan could do an "unofficial" one like bandit's KC Jag, but how much did that run him? (bandit?) and the j.jazcis will be a special custom colour, not some faded-out burst.

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Hi everyone,

here's my Jaguar. Made in USA ( AV), all stock so far.


By the way: I've noticed a strange thing. When I bend the strings both bridge and tremolo bar move slightly. Is it supposed to be like that? The guitar stays in tune pretty well, but I'm still wondering if everything's ok.

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