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The most important choice...Jag or Jazz

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Hey All,

Well, i'm selling 3 of my guitars (a Peavey T-60 abd T-26 and my Westminster Mustang) to get a new guitar....however, my dad got so pissed off that i buy guitars and sell them for less and then buy some more (lol...i just love to play everything i get my hands on).

So i made a deal with him...when i sell all my guitars I may buy 1 more and shoukd have it at LEAST 1 year :roll: ....

SO i was thinking....Jag or Jazz...Jag or Jazz...(i almost went crazy :lol: )

-I really like The Strokes and Nick Valensi uses a guitar with p90's on it, BUT i've heard some rumors that the Jazzmaster sucks playing with dist.

-The Jaguar is just...wow

BUT every singlecoil guitar i've owned just didnt do it on dist, and sounded cheap (well maybe they were cheap guitars...)

And i' kinda affraid that both guitars arent really.."Rock" guitars.....

Sigh, lol...i need some help :lol:

If some1 can try to convince me to buy a Jag or Jazz, shoot!

Thanks, c ya around

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I assume it'd be a japanese one? I prefer the jazzmaster, having owned both (of the japanese variety anyway) coz its more usable sound wise and I rekon sounds BIG with distortion, which I didnt really feel with a jaguar, though the jaguar cut thru more at practices as a lead instrument.

That said the stock jag pickups were horrible and it only sounded ok when I swapped them for S-jag2s. The jazzmaster sounds fairly decent out of the box (though a little more like a strat than a jazzmaster, to be honest) plus you can fit a humbucker without routing which is handy if you're the sort.

And don't worry, they can both hold their own with the right distortion (rats an big muffs work better than more 'standard' dist boxes like DS-2s etc). for jazzmaster heaviness listen to some dinosaur jr, for jaguar listen to some placebo (nancy boy was done on a jag)

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The best advice anyone can give you is try both out in the store.

I own both but personally i wanted a Jag for years, so it would always be my first choice.

As for using either with distortion, i presume we mean full-on heavy distortion here? they both feedback in a bad way if you get close to your amp. You can solve this by 'wax potting' the stock pickups or upgrade a straight swap with SD's or other.

If you want to hear how both sound with SD quarter pounders using heavy distortion check the vid clips on my myspace link.

Other than that, if you intend to use the guitar for metal styles 'Life' has a point that you'd probably be better off buying a HH Jag.

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Jazzmaster. Sounds less plinky plonky than the Jag because of the pickups, their placement and the longer scale length. I've owned both and found the Jazz to be better for me and looks sexier. All that chrome and a bass cut switch on a super-thin soundin guitar? No thanks.

Check out 'Francis Bacon' on my Doog myspace page (link in sig). All the guitars are a CIJ Jazzmaster (stock pickups, 'Stang bridge, Buzzstop) into a RAT2 into a Marshall tube amp, sounds nice and distorted to me :-D Also, the clean-dirty rhythm guitars of 'That New Song' were the Jazzmaster too.

A single coil is never gonna sound like a humbucker with distortion, but why would you want it to? Jazzmaster pickups sound great distorted, but won't sound like Metallica or anything.

You could always get a Semour Duncan "Quarter Pound" pickup for your Jazzz or Jag, they're quite "buckery" while still being a single coil- I used to have one in my Jazzmaster but found it just a bit too beefy and lacking my beloved high end.

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