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amp for jazzmaster

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hey, I wasnt sure if this should go in this section or amps, but here is my question. Right now I am playing a 76 jazzmaster through a blues jr. I'm looking to upgrade to either a vox ac15cc or an orange tiny terror. I was wondering what you guys recomend. I am mostly looking for the clean sound out of the amp, as I use a distortion pedal for the dirty stuff. Which would you guys recomend, and what are you guys using? thanks a lot


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yeah, i got one a while back and love it.

anyways, toez, i don't understand why you would say the AC15 is all tube and the blues jr isn't? i thought the blues jr was all tube. if you're talking about the rectifier, i don't think the ac15 has a valve rectifier either. plus most people would rather have solid state rectifier anyway...

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