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rivers cuomo

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Rivers definately doesnt use much along the line of pedals, a ds-1 for boost, once in a while a wah on a solo, but not much since the green album, and the tallk box on beverly hills solo. otherwise the distortion is straight from the deizel amp. Some serious gain on those things

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i was reading an interview with the man in question the other day, and he said a lot of times they don't use amps live, but have speaker cabinets onstage for a visual foil. they plug into Line 6 Pods and then into the PA. Rivers prefers it, as there isn't a lot of volume on the stage so it's better for his singing, but there are speakers so they still look cool. not my cup of tea but there ya go, he's a twat 90% of the time anyway right so what are ya gonna do.

he says they started doing it just after Pinkerton bombed when they were playing bowling alleys and skating rinks and stuff and having an amp was less practical.

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"Sometime in October 1998 the band Weezer played an underground show under the name Goat Punishment.This show consisted of mostly Nirvana "covers" the similarities in The vocals are shocking.The guitar riffs and tone are not so close however.But this is obviously due to the fact that "Kurt" wrote these songs left handed and when performing as Rivers had to make the adjustments to a standard right handed guitar. Below are Mp3s of this very show so you can listen and judge for yourself."


p.s, i distinctly remember news of Goat Punishment being broken right here at js.com back in '98 (a thread titled WEEZER DOES NIRVANA!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!)

i don't think there was a single person on this board that had anything bad to say about it, it was like the holy grail giving birth to naked 18 year old twin girls, in our minds.

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