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Mad-Mike Acquires a Tele


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Been a rather productive month, so I went out for a walk and picked up this thing, my first actual Tele (I've had a double fat deluxe before, but never a "standard" type tele) for $185, the first brand spankin new electric guitar I've owned (everything up to this point has been second hand). Sure, it's a Squier, but out of the 4 on the rack, this Squier beat a Standard and 3 other Affinity Series teles sound and construction wise. Besides, I love the 51' look.




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welcome indeed.

you will find yourself forever drawn to it now.

trust me, i got one, and then with 18 months i got 3 more.

but they are all in pieces now :(

No kidding, I have been playing this one a lot as of late, another tough choice between my Jaguar and my Jag-Stang. I just find it amazing that such a cheap version of the Telecaster would be this good even with Fender on the headstock (well, Fender beneath Squier). Heck, I popped open the wiring cavity to have a look see and it's very neatly wired. So far there's not a bad sound in it, and I actually like the neck pickup, which is something on Teles I originally did'nt like....go figure. I'll have more things to post soon in other areas as well, I just got claws and a mute for the Jaguar from GPR, they should be in this week.

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