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loving my new jag!

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Hi , Im new to this board......Hello...

Ive just bought a gold finish CIJ Jag 62 reissue. Its the coolest thing ive ever seen, has any one else got a gold one?? I was looking for an olympic white one, but when i saw this one I was sold, as ive never seen one finished in gold. Really enjoying playing it , but I need to save some cash to have it set up.

Had a good look around the site, and ill pop on from time to time in between playing and working

see ya


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Shoreline gold CIJ Jags are available (w/matching headstock), i've seen a few on uk 'bay over the last 6 months. They look great.

Mark, your better off learning from this site amongst others how to set your Jag up. It wont be hard with a bit of guidance and it will save you some money as well.

Oh, welcome to the boards.

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thanks for the advice, im not much of a guitar tech when it comes to setting them up.

ive had a quick squiz at a post earlier this week, Am i right in thinking that a this guitar is harder/more complex to set up than, say a tele or strat. I managed to play around with a epi les paul, and managed to do a pretty good job on my own.

i guess if i set it myself , ill set it to my preferences, as opposed to the guy in the shops.

ill take another look at that post........



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The Jag's bridge is the only part that requires special attention.

Asuming intonation is correct and the D and G screws have been shortened (if need be, they may intrude on the strings) all you need to do is make sure the saddle screws cant work themselves loose. Loosen one screw at a time, whilst each screw is loosened smear the thread with a lubricant (vaseline, lypsol, grease)... then tighten it back up so the saddle is the correct height.

Whilst your doing this you may as well lubricate the bridge post screws as well.

Lighter string gauge preferences may require further adjustments. Considering the Jag is a shortscale guitar with a rocking bridge it is beleived 11's+ are a good choice gauge.

Let us know how you go.

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