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guitar to sound like bass

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I was at a show this past year, and there was a fellow playing a jaguar through some pedals, and was playing bass for the band with the guitar. Sounded great. Anybody got any idea how he might have accomplished this? Didn't get a chance to see what pedals he used, or to talk to him. Thanks!

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If it was'nt a Bass VI or a Jaguar Bass, then it was probably him using some sort of Whammy/pitch shift effect, or an Octave with the mix set to full effect with the normal guitar signal drained out. I use a pitch shifter to get a wacky bass sound sometimes.

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Bear in mind, octave shifters never really sound that much like bass. It's passable if you run it into a fuzz/distortion, though.

I think it really depends on your set up. My solid body, duel humbucker guitars never sound very good like that, but my semi-hollow with minibuckers makes a pretty good bass with an octave pedal.

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