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so if u read my other post, its about my new guitar

and i really been thinkin bout getting a strat

butt then JUST when i thnk about me getting a shiny new strat...i am CONSTANTLY reminded of the sexyness and just undenyable incrediblenss look of the jazmaster :oops:

so it may sound like sacrelig....but is there any neck pickup i can put in a jazz to make it sound like a strat???



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Alternatively, realise you got the wrong guitar and get a Strat.

see that would happen if jazzmasters werent so #### SEXY!

and i hav tried jazzmaster but they sound...hmm...how to put this...big? i guess too big. hopefully u kno wut im talking about :P

and as for the jaguar, im rly not so crazy about the chrome, although i could get used to it.

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