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How can I make my Baritone normal?

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The way I see it thre are THREE kinds of guitar.........

Regular Guitar

Fender Jaguar, 24" Scale, "normally" tuned E,A,D,G,B,E


Baritone Guitar

Fender Baritone Jaguar, 30" Scale (I Think), Tuned B to B


Bass Guitar

Fender Jaguar Bass, 32" Scale (I Think), Tuned really low E to G


The guitar and bass are easy to figure out what they are fore, but the Baritone is just a blanket term. The original Baritone was the Fender Bass VI, which in some ways, is really a 6-string bass. The question is, where does baritone END and BASS begin. Besides, all of them cover each other's ranges, and the Baritone over-laps both.

The B to B tuning, in my guess, is more aimed towards the Korn crowd who don't like the wide neck of a 7-string. Funny, yes I know, but I was not aware of a B to B tuned guitar until fender came out with that Strat-O-Sonic thing several years ago, as well as the Bajo Sexto Telecaster. I also know country Musicians have a similar setup called a "D" neck, which adds 2 more frets and an inch or two to a guitar's scale, allowing it to be tuned down a whole step. The guy who created it is called Ripley, and he plays in a band called The Tractors, and for the record, no, I'm not a fan of country to much of a degree at all, but I am a guitar nut. The same ripley also made a stereo guitar for Van-Halen.

I've played the Burns baritone guitar, and it's tuned a whole octave down like a bass. I think most of the problem here, for the uninitiated, is that the term "baritone guitar" is not as well known as the two regular rock staples, bass guitar, and regular guitar.

That's all I'm going to do is here post up this information.

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this IS your fault.

it's NOT a bass, and it's not a guitar. it's also not a "hybrid". this is not a matter of opinion. it's just a baritone guitar. just cause you've never heard of it doesn't mean it just doesn't exist and you get to call it a bass. it also doesn't mean that it's hideous. it just means it's a baritone guitar, and you've never heard of that because of your apalling lack of research

did you ever think maybe some people wanted something different? everything's heavily overdone these days. you'd do well to keep the damn thing, and learn to play something interesting on it.

doesn't have to be "korn" stuff or heavy either.. this'd be perfect for clean, mellow stuff. real chimey and cool sounding.

they had the right to charge you shipping. they shouldn't have to pay money because they have moron customers.

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