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Building JR.

Best configurations for the Jr.  

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  1. 1. Best configurations for the Jr.

    • h-100 in bridge and p-90 in neck (dogears)
    • p-90 in bridge (dogear)
    • p-90 in bridge and p-90 in neck (dogears)

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My dad and i are building a '59 Double Cut Les Paul Jr. We have a template set but cannot decide on our pickup configurations. We're set on doing a TV Yellow laquer. We either want to do a dogear h-100 in the bridge and a dogear p-90 in the neck with a pu selector and ONLY 2 knobs (both Volume)----or we will do one p-90 in the bridge, volume, tone, and nothing else.----or two dogear p-90's and a pu selector and ONLY 2 volumes. We really cant decide. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Thanks ill probably go the the thunders way. Simplicity is what makes things so great. Thanks for all of your input.--By the way i tried the billy joe junior and it played like ****! has anyone else played one?

Is that a Gibson signature model? :roll: God, the guy has only been using them 5 minutes. That disturbes me, what about Thunders, Mick Jones and Marco Pirroni?... BJ shoulda stuck with Fernandes imo.

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i will, im sure it will turn out great (due to the fact that my dad is amazing working with wood and works for a company that owns every tool known to man, and i have a template set.) It is our first guitar to make and might take a while, and he lives pretty far away so i wont be with him for another month to continue making it. I'd be glad to take pictures and post em. The mahogany we put together and sanding is gorgeous. Ill try to post the picture asap.

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