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tune-o-matic radius solutions

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Hi all,

I wonder if any of you have installed the Pigtail 9" or 10" radius tune-o-matic saddles on your guitar, and is this truly a solution?

Also, on Allparts.com, I noticed a tune-o-matic with adjustable height saddles. Here's a picture: http://www.allparts.com/details.php?cal ... ock_id=173

Again, has anyone installed this; does the tremelo work smoothly with it?

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a stop tailpiece and a trem do not work well together. i tried it before on my jagstang, i could get it run smothly for about a day, but only if i put abunch of graphite in the slots. the rest of the time it wascreaking and cracking, it caused my e. and b string to break, i only did it for about a month before i went back to stock.

and problem are you trying to correct/?

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