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How can I tell if my 65ri is real?

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i got it today and everything looks and feels right. it has the cloth covered pickup wires and the metal in the cavities. one thing though, is the neck plate supposed to be blank? i was under the impression it was supposed to have an f stamp. anyone know if a blank one is ok and on the reissues? also the serial number is R073998 does that match the reissues?

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This is from a thread discussing Vintage 65's

The Plate on the the guitar we bought has "L57495", which is a match for the era.

according to Fender's site: http://www.fender.com/support/dating/fe ... dating.php

I have found a couple of pics showing them with and without an F here on this site.

without: http://www.jag-stang.com/MustangImages/ ... edBack.jpg

with: http://www.jag-stang.com/MustangImages/ ... musRed.jpg

I just don't quite know enough to be sure.

I'd be a bit upset if it's been taken off and replaced.

Not sure how vintage correct the reissue Stangs are. I would expect it to have one too, but just because you don't doesn't make it not genuine.

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but space ghost, there is more money in making a fake strat. or a fake gibson.

if i want ever going to make a fake guitar and sell it as the real thing i would definitly build a les paul or something and charge 3,000.00 for it,

not a mustang and then charge 550.

550.00 would only cover bare wood.

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I think it would be more likely that someone would relic a reissue Stang and try to pass it off as vintage, but even that would be silly - the profit margin would be pretty low. WAY better off counterfeiting a Strat, Les Paul, etc...

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