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altho, at the price that its at right now its still worth the parts.

if someone was really interested, they could maybe ba able to make the headstock whole again, and the body deffintily, but that is hours upon hours of fruitless labor.

Quicker and easier to just make another body...as for the headstock, I guess you do some sort of mortise joint for summit...

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If I had my woodshop still, I would consider it. I will admit, the hack job looks TERRIBLE, but looking at the 3 other quarters of the body, the rest of it seems still intact. My solution would be to figure out what kind of wood it is, cut out the damaged section, and re-shape it into the original Mustang shape.

Next, the headstock, same deal, cut off the roundness, replace the wood, reshape into a CBS headstock.

Finally is the pickguard, just replace it with a copy, and put on some Robroe covers, then a nice refinish with matching headstock, and boom, back to a Mustang again.

The Tearstang and the Tele-Stang don't even have a quarter the chance of being restored as this one has.

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