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Which Toronado is better?


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Different sounds

GT Strips is mahogany and humbuckers Warm Sound Wood and Humbuckers are amazing combination its an Hot Rodded Toronado lol

Normal Toronado is Alder And Fender P-90s idea is Clean Sound , Cryspy and Tight sound and have editions using atomic humbucker , they are a bit weak

Fender Toronado GT HH Electric Guitar Features:



* Mahogany body

* Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard

* Contoured heel joint

* 22 medium-jumbo frets

* Chrome hardware

* Sealed tuners ( Generics , Change Per an Gotoh Sealed Kit )

* Adjust-o-matic bridge with anchored tailpiece

* 2 American-made Seymour Duncan pickups ( Possible Pearl Gates + 1959 (paf) )

* Volume and tone for each pickup

* 3-way pickup switching

* Racing stripe graphic

* Korea Maded , Possible maded By Cort over OEM

* Possible best Fender OEM Corea maded :lol:

Fender Toronado


*solid Alder Body

*satined Maple Neck with Rosewood Neck

*big Headstockwith Spagetti-Logo

*22 Medium Jumbo Frets,

*2 Humbuckers , Atomic II Humbucker or Black Dove P-90

*24 75" Scale , 9 5" Saddlewide

*3-way Togglein upper Cutaway

*chromed Hardware

1998 - 2003 - Mexico


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