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Flatwound String on Mustang?

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Hi guys! ^_^

My low E string rattles when i pluck it quite hard. Sometimes i'm getting a little buzz on other strings up to the 5th/6th frets. I'm using .10 - .46 gauge strings. I'm trying to change the way i strum but sometimes i tend to strum or pluck the string hard. I already loosened the truss rod. I tried raising the action but it's too uncomfortabe for me.

I read a review by Jazzman regarding putting a flatwound string on a Jaguar. Can I do it on a Mustang to reduce the rattling of E string? What about the tone? What is the highest gauge Mustangs can take?

Thanks. Your answers mean a lot!

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Hey Marlonmm

You will typically lose some brightness with flatwounds. So if that is a concern for you maybe try a heavier set of strings before giving the flatwounds a go.

I've had good luck with D'addario EXL145 XL Heavy Strings which are 12-54 gauge. You may have to mail order them tho as I have had a hard time finding them in stores.

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btw, i didn't put flatwounds. i've put d'addario nickel wound first to see if it will reduce the buzzing.

i also checked the clearance at the 8th fret (while depressiong G string at 1st and 17th frets). The string barely cleared the fret. I guess it's less than 2mm.

I'm thinking of adjusting the truss rod to get more clearance.

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You should never use anything less than 12-54 on a 24" scale guitar. Work up to that and stick with it.

Here are the guages you should use for each scale:

24" - 12-54

24.75" - 11-54

25.5" - 10-52

With the guitar then set up properly (I'm talking trem springs set right, intonation and with an action that's comfortable), then you shouldn't experience any extraneous string noise. The action should be set as high as you can possibly get it before it becomes uncomfortable, though.

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