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hi all!

IM sick of picking up my tremolo arm off the floor every few minutes (I have a non original arm in a 64 vintage jaguar).

Im wondering if this device will work (and how) so i can finish a song without having to get on my knees.


in conjuction with:


ive never come across this device before so any help will be welcome.

thanks in advance

:shock: javier

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I have had the same problem with a Wilkinson bridge on my strat. It came from the parts supplier that way when it was new with a loose trem arm and would swing out of the way too easy and fall out as well.

If the fit is not a huge amount off, the following method might fix it:

I coated the part of the trem arm that goes into the bushing with some thick super glue from the hobby shop (only the area that doesn't show when it is installed) and let it dry really well. Thin CA might work too but it would take more coats. I used some accellerant to make it really cure hard. Then I masked off the area above the bushing on the trem arm that does show and sanded the glue lightly until it just fit snugly in the bushing and rotated with only a little friction. It still works to this day just fine. I suppose if it gets loose I will just add a little glue to it again and let it dry and fit it up again the same way.

Maybe some fingernail polish might do the same thing as well. You just need to get something durable in there to take up the space.

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