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65 / 69 project


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Here are some pics of a mustang project.

I got the body & neck from ebay already painted in olympic white nitro, its a 65 B width Brazilian slab board neck on a 69 swamp ash body. I added the decal & applied a couple of coats of clear nitro then buffed it up. I posted pics a while back of the guitar with a tort pickguard on, some of you said it would look better with a pearloid white, so I tried this mint green, thought it looked better so kept it on. Most of the hardware is new & it has 65 pick ups in at the mo, but they are for another project, will be putting seymour duncan antiquities on it eventually.

Anyone tried the seymour antiquities ?






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absolutely great,

btw the headstock looks early, any chance its a 22.5 scale?

I doubt it, the 22.5" scale necks had 21 frets, while the 24" scale necks had 22 frets.

That is correct, it is a 22 fret & the longer short scale, the neck date is not that early at sep 65, its a nice chunky neck though & completely different to my other 65 Mustangs March A neck. The decal is a good repro & really equates to a 66 Mustang from what I can gather looking at the pat numbers.

Anyone got any info on the seymour duncan antiquity 2 pick ups, are they a good match ?


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aaahhhh, i see, i knew that i don;t know why i forgot it.

the headstock still looks a bit off to me..... not sure why,

Maybe because its painted - its a stock 65 mustang neck & it has not been reshaped.

I think the slab boards were really meant for the more expensive jags & jazzmasters, all were the same headstaock shape.

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