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Mustang pickguard question


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I have a CIJ 69 reissue model Mustang, and was wanting to get a red tort pickguard for it. All Parts has one, and I was told by an All Parts rep that their pickguards are definitely based on the USA models, but it should fit the Japanese models as well because of the close reproduction aspect.

However, on ebay, the USA-based model pickguards say they will definitely NOT fit a Japanese Mustang.

I have a hard time believing that All parts would currently be producing pickguards for USA-made models when, to my knowledge, most of the USA-made models are "vintage" (ie. the reissues being sold everywhere now are Japanese made, but imported to the US).

Anyone with a similar experience have info?

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It could be that Allparts are manufacturing their pickguards themselves and they've adjusted them to fit both.

yea...this is possible. The US and CIJ *are* different, but not by that much...as I've managed to easily get a CIJ pg onto a vintage body with little to no fanfare.

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US, 65RI and 69RI are different.  Screw holes are not aligned.  The pickup spacing are off.

It will fit only if you drill new holes and widen the pickup cavity.

I managed to fit a 69RI PG in my 65RI by doing that.


I think Guitarpartsresource's japanese PG are for 69RI mustang.

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