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anyone got any? if so, are they any good? im thinking about getting one but my friend had a problem with his when using his distortion. he said it was muffling the phrase when soloing over it. he was using the amp distortion. anyone else got the same problem?

if not point me in the direction of the pedal your using!!

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put a distortion first and the amp after and it'll be much, much better. Obviously it depends on the quality of the pedal: if you use lots of pre-programmed samples boss have dedicated loop stations, otherwise the high-end delays (akai headrush, Boss DD-20 and Line6 DL4) all have great, albiet basic looping abilities and you get a lot of other stuff with it: my dd-20 is ace and the best

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I have an Akai Headrush II - massive fun & idiot proof.

It is volatile memory so will not store your riffs once you switch it off - that's why I bought it, to use live. Plus you can over dub real easy. Also has a cool sounding delay & tap tempo.

All in all its great live for looping on the fly & great for at home when you want to work out a two part guitar peice or just want to practice some fret wankery over 12 bar blues.

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