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Jagger with Jag

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nice one. an august '65 to early '66 in black. well rare. that picture looks like it could have been taken in the 60's as well. although it must be the very late 60's, cause the guitarist is using a '69 strat on the left

Keith Richards doesn't look anywhere near 100 years old, therefore, it must be from the 60's :lol:

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sorry, i can't see it. even after blowing it up in photoshop and altering the brightness heavily. which would usually show up anything. there may be some kind of pattern, but i can't say it's definately the decal.


take a look at this moon landing photo. some would have you beleive the pic was faked due to absence of stars. but if we alter the brightness a lot, we see that the stars are there, just that the glare stopped us from seeing them (although i still have my doubts, for other reasons, to be honest with you). the same technique should have worked with the headstock, were the heastock and the decal even slightly different colours (ie red and black). we should have seen a much wider difference as we upped the brightness


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