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Just wanted to share my current wiring schematic for the JS, which I made yesterday with spare capacitors I had lying around. I just love the idea, I'll just have to get the sounds right by changing the caps.

Here's a few thoughts that came to my mind when playing the guitar and testing the wiring today:

  • [*:2m6ucqmg] The parallel sound with the stock pickups is very weak, especially with either of the filtes turned on. I didn't remember it was this weak, since I haven't had the stock wiring for a couple of years now. I'm waiting for my JB to arrive and then I'll see what it sounds like. If it's not good, I'll test what it sounds like in series.
    [*:2m6ucqmg] The low-cut filter filters out everything below about 290 Hz, which reduces a lot of boominess, but I think the frequency is still a tad too high, so I'm going to change the C1 cap to get the frequency to about 100-150 Hz. Or maybe I'll even put in an adjustable cap so I can fine-tune the frequency without always having to solder in a new cap.
    [*:2m6ucqmg] The low-pass filter filters out everything above 640 Hz, which is a bit too low and makes the sound a bit too muddy (think about someone turning their tone knob to -10 and playing in a warehouse while you're listening the playing outside of the warehouse ;) ). I'm thinking of doing the same thing as with the low-cut filter and putting in an adjustable cap and finding out the perfect cut-off frequency.


Edit: Forgot to add, this is currently highly based on Mad-Mike's design on this very same thread.

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I never did find a complete schematic for

Switch 1: Neck - Both - Bridge

I already have this worked out.

Switch 2:

Series - Off - Parallel (or a working diagram for split - series - parallel)

With a push pull for phase.

I managed to work something out but not all the options work? The coil split I had on there for a month or so was worthless to me. I prefer the thin out of phase sound to the split coil, but never seemed to get it back. Could I just put the single coil out of phase rather than trying that with the humbucker or does it matter?

The sound quality isn't great either, but I think that has to do with me grounding it through the switches rather than just grounding the switches. You think?

If anyone has schematics for a similar set up or alternative switching options I'd love to see them.

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Does anybody know if I can use an EMG active with a SD passive without fancy gedgets?

Yes you can. My Stagemaster has an ENG 81 in the bridge and a passive neck humbucker, just wire the passive in as standard. You may notice some volume difference though, EMGs are designed as a system.

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