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under the hood of a vintage 1973 tele deluxe

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I helped roadie a bit for union pulse last night, they did a couple shows in lafayette and indy and i gave em a place to stay.

but anywho i did a lil bit of work to james 73 tele deluxe.

he bought it a few years ago as you see it today, but it was heavily modified before he got it.

first off

new pups,

bill larence in the neck

jb in the bridge

both are coil tapped via mini switches.

the pots are 1 meg(not sure if this is origianl to the guitar or not)

there were some extra routes done.

the neck has been re-finished and re-fretted minus the headstock face

and the 3 bolt plate has been replaced by a 4 bolt styleee

as well as the tuners being re-pros

all in all its a great sounding and playing guitar, i remember when james got this thing about 4 years ago he was all excited

"Dude, look what i jsut got from the pawn shop for 400.00 bucks!"

back then i could only really tell him that it had been modified and he wouldn't let me look under the hood, but when he passed out last night you better believe i looked under the hood!

anywho these are the pics.














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during the cbs erathey introduced 3 bolt necks

two on one end (normal) and then one in the other end and the 3rd screw wasa machined screw, meaning that insteadof gripping wood it was threaded to fit that metal disk in the neck, and there is one in the body as well. it maintained much better that just screwing straight into wood, but the 3 bolt system had its flaws.

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that guard is cut for wide range pickups.

wide range pickups are a bit bigger than normal humbuckers.

there for even with the ring in place there is no place for the screws to go into(empty space) so the wood was placed there(not by me) so the screws had something to grasp and it basically clamped the rings onto the guard.

make sense?

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